Rey Mysterio’s return date has finally been confirmed by WWE who stated that he would return for Smackdown 1000 on October 16th.

Mysterio left WWE in 2015, ending a 13-year run with the company after winning nearly every championship available.

The following is an excerpt from the article WWE issued regarding Mysterio’s return:

Smackdown 1000 now has another number of significance attached to it. That number is 619, because Rey Mysterio is back!

The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion is best remembered for energizing Smackdown with his signature aerial attack, unbelievable athleticism and never-say-die attitude. Mysterio was a cornerstone of Team Blue since the first brand split in March 2002 and helped define the Smackdown spirit.

Mysterio was a major player for Smackdown during the original brand split and had a multitude of legendary rivalries and matches against superstars like Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Randy Orton, Batista and more.

Smackdown was where Mysterio won majority of his championships during his career including the Cruiserweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Championships and the World Heavyweight Championship.

His legacy with the Blue Brand also includes being apart of the legendary group of wrestlers who helped build the show during the mid-2000s – The Smackdown Six.

Mysterio has not been announced to wrestle at Smackdown 1000, but a lot can change between now and October 16th.

WWE has changed a lot since his departure and will give him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of superstars regardless of what show he appears on.

It’s amazing that Mysterio wrestled on Raw 1000 and will be highlighted during Smackdown 1000.