Brief Company Overview:

Kocosports is an integrated media organization and one of the leading on-line portals in Combat Sports & Fitness coverage. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver news and original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience.

Kocosports is accessed in more than 165 countries thousands of times daily.

Kocosports operations are organized around the following four principal activities: Media Division, Consumer Products Division, Web-2-Print Division & Marketing Services Division. The company has offices in Florida, USA. Tokyo, Japan & Ontario, Canada.

Who we are:

Kocosports is the little company that could, a company that has been beaten down, been kicked in the crotch and had our butts whooped more times that we would care to remember, but somehow despite this we are still here and still growing thanks to a few guys who just don’t know when to tap out.

Kocosports started life as a few friends scattered around the four corners of the globe who just flat out loved to fight, moreover they loved to watch other people fight, in any venue available.


Wrestling, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, didn’t matter; if someone was getting their ass kicked we were there. Some of us were in the fight business, others were just fans with big mouths and one of us had unrestricted use of a professional printing press…

In early 2000, we published “Kocosports”, a sports & wrestling newsletter, the newsletter was received so well that we eventually grew and became Kocosports Magazine, boasting a circulation of over 50,000 and exclusive interviews with some of the top names in sports entertainment.


We branched out, moving into other facets of the media producing a number of radio shows, including the very popular “WrestleNight from Florida” hosted by Kocosports Founders, Dave Kocotos & Gerry O’Neill, which evolved to become “WrestleNight USA” adding former WWE performer “Roughhouse” Ralph Mosca to the mix and was heard on 29 stations throughout the United States as well as worldwide on the net.

The latest incarnation of the site, co-developed by KSM and MultiCOLOR Media, is not an overhaul but a complete re-envisioning of the old Kocosports, which has become one of the most popular stops for fans of Combat Sports on-line. Fans can expect not only a new look, but an abundance of new content in addition to the regular Kocosports mainstays.

“Kocosports continues to expand its digital business globally and views this new more interactive and media rich site as a key for strategic organic growth,” stated Gerry O’Neill, KSM Co-Founder & Managing Editor.

“MultiCOLOR Media has worked with us closely on several projects in the past, they have been a great partner for this digital expansion. The site will provide fans with a range of dynamic content including editorial features and video, as well as enhanced social networking capabilities.”

So what is Kocosports? Well Kocosports is where you come when you want to read about, hear & see the best fight action on the planet, Kocosports is the original home of Wrestling, Boxing and MMA on the net…

Kocosports is … Where the World Comes to Kick Ass!

Oh we almost forgot… one final thing, a few of you have asked why we are named Kocosports? We we could give you the mundane answer that it comes from the “Koco” in the name of one of our founders, Dave Kocotos. However we prefer the more exotic answer involving Brazilian tribes & words derived from ancient Greek that the Urban Dictionary assigned to it.

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