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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you’ve got a web site, great, but can your prospective customers find it?

If you have not secured a spot on the first or second page of the top search engines it’s sort of like having a store hidden away in some little back alley. People don’t spend much time searching for what they want, and if they find something similar sooner, you’ve lost them.

That is where SEO comes in. If you don’t know what you’re doing then SEO can seem like brain surgery. In reality SEO is a combination of well produced content, strategic site submissions, web site analysis & keyphrase research. When done properly this combination of details will drive your website to your front of people’s searches.

If you have ever Googled “MMA training” your will find over 26,900,000 results, “fitness” brings back over 526,000,000 websites, “gym” turns up 205,000,000 results.

It’s important to understand how to tailor your SEO so you don’t drown among the ocean of competition.

The many benefits of SEO are pretty straight forward and for most it’s not just content but location that is king.
If you’d like to:

  • boost traffic
  • boost your website visibility
  • help you get more leads
  • increase corporate relations
  • keep your website fresh
  • help your company brand
  • have people find your business

then a solid, affordable SEO strategy should be part of your marketing plan. Kocosports Marketing has developed a clear, concise and effective program to improve SEO and in turn drive more prospective clients to your site increasing traffic and lead flow. Each site is different and requires different tactics but here is how is works:

SEO Program
Before we even begin to optimize your site, we make sure the foundation is strong, we perform a site analysis to ensure from a technical standpoint all the code can be read and understood properly by search engines. Then we work with you to decide what the best keyphrases and descriptions are for each page on your site. What you want and what will give you the best results may be two different things. We will help you pick the best options. All sites need to go through the same series of checks, tests, and research to determine what needs to be optimized. Here are the items that SKB will assess, fix and add to each page of your site.

All SEO packages include:

  • Headers
  • Key words & phrases
  • Page descriptions
  • Meta image tags
  • Image Alt tags
  • Technical issues/errors
  • set up Google Analytics account
  • set up Google Maps

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