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Member Email Blasts

Intensify the impact of your next “member promotion” with Kocosports’s new Email Blast program.

Whether you want to promote an internal event or supplement your next referral mailing, Kocosports Marketing will create a customize email and send it to your subscribers. Once done, we’ll create a report that details the number of emails that were sent, any deleted or “opted-out” addresses and the stats on the number of individuals who opened the mail and clicked through to your site. All this for an unbeatable value and with the remarkable customer service and passion for what we do that people have come to expect from Kocosports.

Prospect Email Blasts

Innovations in technology have resulted in a huge shift away from the old conventional forms of media.

This robust tool will give your marketing much greater reach and impact when compared to many other forms of advertising:

– True leads hat you can actually use, not simply clicks and opens.
– Names, locations, email addresses and telephone numbers
– More useful and much less expensive marketing vehicle
– Allows access to a database to target advertising by zip code
– Each subscriber has opted-in (given their approval)

How expensive is prospect emailing?
That’s the best part… just 6¢ each plus $250 design setup. For example, 5,000 prospect emails will costs only $550.

Email Marketing: Plan. Implement. Succeed.
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