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Video: World of Sport & Impact Wrestling announce the return of WOS wrestling to ITV

ITV Studios Entertainment Manchester announced today that it has teamed up with IMPACT Wrestling, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., to bring WOS Wrestling back to ITV, with an initial commission for a 10-part series. The commission from ITV’s Helen Warner follows a successful one-off-special, which aired on New Year’s Eve 2016. The Executive Producers for ITV Studios are Tom McLennan and Simon Marsh. Jeff Jarrett, the Chief Creative Officer for IMPACT Wrestling, will be the Executive Producer for IMPACT Wrestling. Thirty years after the original WOS ended – and legendary stars such as Big Daddy, Mick...

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Jeff Jarrett meets with Spike TV’s Senior VP to discuss TNA Impact Wrestling’s potential return to the network

With all of the changes to Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett is looking to right the ship in a big way. Scott Fishman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer at Spike, met with Jeff Jarrett recently. The two sides spoke at today’s Impact tapings and discussed a potential return to the network. Fishman was a big part of Impact/TNA’s run early on with Spike, but the channel will be switching to “Paramount Channel” next year. This has many within Bellator worried that Viacom’s perception of MMA may change and that they’ll no longer “fit the portfolio” of the network, despite an...

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Jeff Jarrett has complete control of Impact Wrestling again; Replaces John Gaburick as head of creative

During the past few weeks there has been lots of rumors that Jeff Jarrett would be taking over Impact Wrestling once again as their is new owners, Anthem and Dixie Carter is out of power within the Wrestling promotion. It has been confirmed that Jeff Jarrett will take over from John Gaburick who is the head of creative. Gaburick has not been fired, however he will have to work under Jeff Jarrett who is his new boss. Also, Jeff Jarrett has brought in Dutch Mantell and Scott D’Amore to be on the creative team for Impact Wrestling. They also...

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