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AAA threatening legal action against promoters who book Pentagon & Fenix on indie events

AAA has reportedly been sending cease and desist letters to promoters who are booking Pentagon and Fenix. Pentagon and Fenix have stopped using the names since AAA owns them, but AAA is now actively trying to get indie groups to stop booking them by threatening legal action. This has led to AAA’s reputation taking another hit due to the poor perception in regards to how they are treating current and former...

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Wrestling returns to Turner Broadcasting when Lucha Underground debuts on TNT Germany this December

Turner Broadcasting has issued a press release announcing that starting December 10th, Lucha Underground will be on the air in Germany.  Every Saturday night, TNT Serie will be broadcasting the show at 10:40 p.m. local time. Former WWE announcer Günter Zapf and former TNA announcer Mike Ritter will handle commentary during the matches, with everything else being in English with German subtitles. “Lucha Underground captivates the audience,” said Marion Rathmann, Turner’s programming director of entertainment channels in Central and Eastern Europe. “Not just with spectacular matches, but above all with an exciting story that is told throughout the season.” “We are...

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NWA officials meet with Spike TV executives; Spike interested in bringing wrestling back to the network

Wrestling Observer reported today that the National Wrestling Alliance President and heel manager in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Bruce Tharpe, met with Spike TV officials in New York City to discuss a TV deal. The meeting was to potentially get the NWA on Spike TV, however Tharpe was told by Spike execs that while there might be interest in bringing wrestling back to the network, nothing is on the table right now for the NWA or any other wrestling promotion. Spike TV reportedly wants to air shows which draw more interest from women than wrestling does, so in addition...

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Lucha Underground’s budget cut from their original $400,000 per episode; Rey Mysterio still expected to make his debut

As noted, Lucha Underground announced back on September 21st that they will return for a second season and taping will take place at the same “Temple” in Los Angeles. In regards to television, Lucha Underground had been in negotiations with Televisa Ch. 5 in Mexico, a strong network station that could not only give them more financial assistance in funding for another season, but also give them far more television exposure in Mexico than WWE, CMLL or AAA. The company will also see budget cuts from the $400,000 per episode from the first season, however it will be in...

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Alberto El Patrón disputes Lucha Underground’s statement that he’s confirmed to return for their 2nd season

After months of uncertainty over the future of Lucha Underground, yesterday the promotion announced via Twitter that a second season of their television series would be coming in 2016. Shortly thereafter, Deadline confirmed the news and reported that the show would continue to air on the El Rey Network and would be produced in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles again. Given that the standard contracts offered by Lucha Underground were for seven seasons, the presumption would be that the talent roster would largely remain the same. Thus, it was unsurprising when WrestleZone.com reported that Lucha Underground’s Co-Executive...

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