Ken Shamrock inducted into the Kocosports.com Combat Sports Hall of Fame

Kenneth Wayne Shamrock (born Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick; February 11, 1964) is an American mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer and professional wrestler. Shamrock emerged as one of the biggest stars in the history of mixed martial arts, headlining over 15 main events and co-main events in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride Fighting Championships during the course of his career and set numerous pay per view records with his drawing power. Shamrock is widely considered to be a legendary figure and icon in the sport of mixed martial arts. Shamrock was namedThe World’s Most Dangerous Man by ABC News in a special entitled “The World’s Most Dangerous Things” in the early part of his UFC career, a moniker which has become...

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Dan Severn inducted into the Kocosports.com Combat Sports Hall of Fame

Daniel DeWayne Severn (born June 8, 1958) is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, notable for his success in the early years of Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments. Severn has fought and wrestled for many mixed martial arts and professional wrestling promotions, including King of the Cage, PRIDE FC, Cage Rage, WEC, RINGS, and the World Wrestling Federation. He holds a professional MMA Record of 101–19–7 (according to Wikipedia) and is a UFC Hall of Famer and a former UFC Superfight Champion. In professional wrestling Severn is a two-time world champion, having won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice. As of January 2011, at age 52+, Severn still competes in MMA Competition and pro wrestling. Along...

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Keiji Mutoh inducted into the Kocosports.com Combat Sports Hall of Fame

Keiji Mutoh (武藤 敬司 Mutō Keiji, born December 23, 1962) is a Japanese professional wrestler who first gained international fame in the National Wrestling Alliance. He is mostly known for his work as The Great Muta in New Japan Pro Wrestling during the 1990s, but he has also competed in United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Taiwan. He is a former President of All Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as being a full-time wrestler for the promotion since 2002. Mutoh is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, both in Japan and America. Mutoh is credited as one of the first Japanese wrestlers to achieve a fan base outside of his native...

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Lou Thesz inducted into the Kocosports.com Combat Sports Hall of Fame

Aloysius Martin “Lou” Thesz (Born Lajos Tiza April 24, 1916 – April 28, 2002) was an American professional wrestler and 18-time world heavyweight champion, most notably holding the NWA World Heavyweight Championship three times. Combined, he held the NWA Championship for 10 years, three months and nine days (3,749 days total), longer than anyone else in history. Among his many accomplishments, he is credited with inventing a number of professional wrestling techniques such as the belly to back waistlock suplex (later known as the German suplex due to its association with Karl Gotch), the Lou Thesz press, STF and the original powerbomb. He is generally considered to be among the greatest professional wrestlers of the...

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Rulon Gardner inducted into the Kocosports.com Combat Sports Hall of Fame

Rulon Gardner (born August 16, 1971) is an American Olympian who competed in the 2000 Olympic games, winning the gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestlingupon defeating Russian Aleksandr Karelin, who was previously undefeated in 13 years of international competition. Gardner was also a contestant on the 11th season of the Biggest Loser. Personal background Rulon E. Gardner was born on August 16, 1971 in Afton, Wyoming. He is the son of Reed and Virginia Gardner and the last of nine children. His second great grandfather was Archibald Gardner, who was one of the early settlers of Star Valley, Wyoming. He attributes his strength to the physical labor that he performed growing up and...

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