WWE offer to turn over John Laurinaitis’ laptop as part of the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit

WWE and TNA had a court conference yesterday about TNA’s lawsuit against the company over confidential information that Brian Wittenstein provided to WWE. WWE requested the hearing because of the deadlines set by the court for expedited discovery, which put them in a position where “they will be unable to adequately prepare” themselves for a planned June 11 hearing.WWE claimed they would not be able to comply with the Discovery Order “without considerable inconvenience and expense”. WWE filed an affidavit that showed they were going along with the temporary restraining order the court filed against them. This order required them to return any materials had been provided...

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Arn Anderson teases a major announcement at tonight’s WWE Smackdown tapings

In an interview with The Slate, Arn Anderson teased a major announcement at tonight’s SmackDown tapings, which have Triple H andJohn Cena advertised. He said: “You have to expect some major announcements with those two on the show. I’m glad Columbia is the site for whatever they have planned. We will give the fans the best possible show possible.” Anderson is an agent for WWE. He also said that he thinks today’s WWEschedule is harder than during his era with the international travel and promotional work. He added: “When you sit down and look at that on a calendar, it’s pretty intense. What they call off...

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Shawn Michaels comments on concussions in pro wrestling and defending his faith

Shawn Michaels recently spoke about concussions and defending his faith. Here are the highlights… On Concussions: “This is one of the 101 things that makes me probably not popular with everybody and their agenda. I’m 100 percent behind finding out the cause with technology and doing everything we can to minimize those things and take care of the athletes. I’m not down with that’s the excuse why everybody does what that they do. I’ve had my bell rung a bunch, and I still have no desire to hurt anybody. I’m down with finding out everything we can, doing everything we can...

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WWE considering changing how they announce wellness policy violations

WWE is reportedly considering changing how they announce wellness policy violations. Word is that WWE is contemplating revealing what substances caused talent to fail the test. The reason that they are considering doing this is that the company hopes by publicizing the information, that it may discourage talents from using banned...

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