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Ebook: Learn How to Box – My Boxing Coach

Learn How to Box – My Boxing Coach Click Here To Order! The Boxing Training Foundation The Secrets of Boxing Made Simple Get the most outstanding boxing learning resources out there. See REAL results REAL quick! If you are serious about truly learning to how to box, then read on…Master footwork, execute deadly combination punching and become a defensive genius, being as elusive as you are dangerous.  Get a super-fit, ultra-toned physique and get under the skin of boxing and bring the wonderful simplicity of this sport into your life. Whether for combat, self-defence or fitness you can achieve amazing results. No longer will...

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Ebook: Ultimate Wrestling Power

Ultimate Wrestling Power Click Here To Order! Do You Want To Develop Bone-Crushing Grip Strength, Explosive Takedown Power And Never-Ending Cardio For Wrestling… Without Weight Training Or Gym Memberships? Discover the Body Weight Training System Designed For Wrestlers That Gets You Stronger, Faster and In Peak Condition Fast! From: Steve Preston MSc, Sports Performance Specialist To All Serious Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents, If you’re interested in building up strength, speed and conditioning for wrestling as quickly as possible, without weight training, gym memberships or fancy equipment, then continue reading… because this will be the most important letter you’ll read in...

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Ebook: Workouts for Wrestlers – “Turbo-Charge Your Wrestling Skills in ONLY 28 Days”

Click Here To Order! To Wrestlers and Coaches Looking for FAST Improvements On The Wrestling Mat… Discover How To Turbo-Charge Your Wrestling Skills In ONLY 28 Days… With Cutting-Edge “Specialized Workouts”! An eye-opening article revealing the latest break-through in wrestling-specific strength and conditioning training! By Steve Preston MSed Believe it or not, for the first time in history you can actually use “specialization training” to improve any aspect of your wrestling for more wins on the wrestling mat.  And you’ll do it in 28 short days. Dear Wrestling Friend, This is Steve Preston of Wrestling Performance and I’m pumped that you found...

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Ebook: MMA Quick Start – “The Ultimate MMA Training Program for the Beginner!”

Start Your MMA Training Now! In Your Own Home and Master the Basics In Only 12 Weeks! … and watch yourself get into great shape and have a ton of fun while doing it! PLUS… You’ll be able to train whenever you feel like it. No need to wait for a scheduled class time. Best of all, no egotistical, insanely aggressive and dangerous partners trying to prove something by smashing you while you`re trying to learn the basics. In case you’ve never come across my MMA fights or my mixed martial arts blog, please allow me to introduce myself....

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Ebook: Karate Teaching – 125 Dynamite Drills

Click Here To Order! Makes Teaching Karate Easy With Over 125 Martial Arts Drills and Exercises… Finally you can stop scratching your head wondering what to teach next? No more inventing stuff on the spur of the moment hoping that it’s ACTUALLY going to work… Discover RIGHT NOW how you can take immediate control of your karate classes, add structure and never run out of ideas again!” The 125 Dynamite Drills ebook includes: 43 Martial Arts Warm Up & Endurance Training Drills… These are downright heart-starting, blood-pumping, enduring exercises that will have your students working hard and wanting more… 30...

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