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Ebook: The Boxing Blueprint – Strength & Conditioning System

The Boxing Blueprint Click Here To Order! Look Fighters, I’m a former fighter myself who knows what’s it’s like to be in the ring. I’m also a boxing skill trainer AND a certified strength/conditioning coach. I’ve BEEN in the trenches from being a fighter, skill coach, and strength/conditioning coach for the past 16 years. I know BS when I see it and I know what works. I’ve been watching what’s been going on for far too long. That’s why I’ve come out with this training system so you don’t make a lot of the same dumb mistakes and costly...

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Ebook: Workouts For Judo by 2008 Beijing Olympian Matt D’Aquino

Workouts For Judo Click Here To Order! ATTENTION: Beginning and struggling Judokas. An important message from a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian “With Workouts for Judo you will become Fitter, Faster, Stronger and more Agile – Fast! This manual will give you an Unfair Advantage over not just the guys in your club, but over any guy in your weight division.” Sceptical? With These Workouts In Your Hands You Can Achieve Major Improvements to Your Judo Game By Being In The Best Shape Of Your Life. Let Me Show You How to Train Like a Top Level Judoka and Achieve...

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Ebook: How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

5 DVDs Produced By Well-known Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Blackbelt Stephan Kesting & Multiple Time World Champ Emily Kwok. Click Here To Order! WHY WE CREATED THIS TRAINING My name is Stephan Kesting, and I’m a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu blackbelt, and have been doing martial arts for over 30 years. I’m also a certified instructor in Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling, a blackbelt in Kajukenbo Karate, an instructor in Dan Inosanto’s Jun Fan JKD, Maphalindo Silat and Filipino Martial Arts program. I’ve also studied Japanese Judo, Russian Sambo, various Chinese Kung Fu systems, Brazilian Capoeira, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and many other...

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Ebook: BJJ Manifesto – The Best Jiu Jitsu Product on the Market!

BJJ Manifesto – The Best Jiu Jitsu Product On The Market! Click Here To Order! You already know bjj is the most physically demanding sport in the universe. Well…here, finally, are the pro-level secrets that will instantly help you harness your energy, keep you fully engaged and focused all through the fight…while you use your new tactics to bait your opponents into giving submissions to you. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and years figuring this stuff out. And I’ve put it all together for you in an easy to understand format in BJJ Manifesto. This is the key to winning...

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Ebook: Wrestling Performance Kit – Building Stronger, Faster and Better-Conditioned Wrestlers

Wrestling Performance Kit Click Here To Order! “To Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents of Wrestlers… Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets To Building Stronger, Faster and Better-Conditioned Wrestlers? …Keep Reading To Discover The Truth About Wrestling Strength & Conditioning & How You Can Get In Shape Faster Than Ever From The Coach The Top Wrestling Programs In The World Count On To Deliver Results!”  Dear Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents, Are you happy with your strength, speed and conditioning for the wrestling mat? Do you get out-muscled during wrestling matches even though you’ve trained hard for the entire season? Are you losing...

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