Author: David Kiue

WWE head writer, Bryan Gewirtz, dropped from creative team and sent home from Raw

As noted earlier here on the website, there was a major backstage shakeup at RAW on Monday afternoon. In what was described by one source as a “scary scene”, Vince McMahon told the entire creative team that he wanted to see changes and that nobody’s job is safe if he didn’t see some. Bryan Gewirtz, who has been the head RAW writer for over a decade now, was dropped from the creative team and immediately sent home from RAW. It is believed that WWE cannot release him without paying a penalty, which is why he is remaining on the payroll. For those unaware, Dave Kapoor would write...

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Audio: UFC 153 Media Conference Call

UFC 153 Media Conference Call Warning: A lot of background noise.  UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar spoke to the media about their impending main event at UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 13, 2012. Bonnar discusses nearly retiring from mixed martial arts, training with former WWE champion Dave Bautista while Silva talked about stepping up as part of the ‘UFC...

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Strikeforce reportedly on brink of being dropped by Showtime

Eighteen months ago Mixed Martial Arts fans jumped for joy when it was revealed that Zuffa had purchased Strikeforce. The move appeared to give the organization new direction, backing from a group viewed as experts in the field, and a strategic partnership with the sport’s biggest brand. The notion of super-fights was thrown around where Strikeforce stars would collide with those calling the Octagon home and, in general, the future looked bright for a company that once held the North American attendance record for a MMA event. Sadly, things have gone in a downward spiral ever since. The UFC plucked a number...

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