At Saturday night’s Ring of Honor TV tapings, Tenille Dashwood (formerly Emma in WWE) cut a promo and talked about her health issues. In addition to having a shoulder injury and needing surgery, Dashwood spoke about having an autoimmune disease and a skin condition know as psoriasis.

Here is what Dashwood said about her skin condition in a recent interview with

“I’m still trying to deal with it now, unfortunately. It’s not an easy fix,” Dashwood said.

“But I guess I had like a realization a couple months ago when this all kind of starting coming on again and knowing that I’ve been through it before, and all that I’ve been through in my career. I felt very fortunate to be able to do all I’ve done, and to kind of be where I am today, and I just thought, ‘Maybe this has happened for a reason?’ I just thought maybe I have an opportunity now to use where I am as a platform to share it with the world. To kind of say, ‘You know what, sure I’ve done all of these crazy things that I never thought were possible, but I did these even with struggling through hard times that people probably didn’t know about.’ And I just kind of wanted to let people in on that and letting people in oftentimes helps prevent people from judging or from making harsh comments and instead makes them aware of what people struggle with and what people go through.”