AXS TV has announced “Women of Wrestling” — produced by Lakers owner Jeannie Buss and Lucha Underground EP Mark Burnett — will hit their airwaves in 2019.

The press release states:

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Mark Burnett, President of MGM Television and Digital Group and David McLane, the impresario behind the ’80s hit TV series GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling), have tapped AXS TV to bring the emerging hit series “WOW-Women Of Wrestling” (WOW) to a wider U.S. TV audience.

“I knew of Jeanie’s passion for elevating women’s wrestling for several years, so when Mark Burnett told me what MGM Studios has planned for WOW, I decided to get involved,” AXS TV Chairman and CEO Mark Cuban is quoted as saying. “AXS TV’s long-term success inside the squared circle and broadcasting New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) makes airing WOW a natural fit.”

The release points to the success of Wonder Woman, GLOW on Netflix and “the marketplace embracing the empowerment of women” as reasons for why Buss’ vision will be successful.

For those who don’t recall, WOW was a syndicated show from 2000-2001 that aired in various markets. It was relaunched in 2012, with events being run sporadically in Los Angeles.

WOW will begin shooting their show later this year for broadcast in 2019.