With a fight between UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former two-division champion Conor McGregor likely “building” towards fruition, later this year, “The Eagle” is confident that he will follow up on his promise to humble McGregor.

Speaking to Sport24.ru recently, Nurmagomedov said though he doesn’t know in what round it will happen, he will “destroy” McGregor when they fight.

“In what round will I be able to knock McGregor out?” Nurmagomedov asked. “I do not know, and no one can know this. I’m going to destroy him.”

Undefeated in 26 professional fights and sporting some of MMA’s best grappling, Nurmagomedov is seen as one of the most difficult style match-ups in the lightweight division for McGregor. Similarly, McGregor’s elite striking and knockout power seem to pose the greatest threat to Nurmagomedov’s undefeated streak. The dichotomy between the two, both in their fighting styles and in their personalities, presents potentially one of the best rivalries in MMA history should the fight ever happen. But though things appear to be working towards a lightweight superfight, Nurmagomedov cautions that it’s still far from a done deal.

“I do not yet know who my opponent will be,” Nurmagomedov said. “The fight will likely take place in Las Vegas. I want to fight McGregor; the fans are also waiting for this fight. I hope that Conor wants this fight. He talked a lot but for some reason, as soon as it came down to real negotiations about the fight, he fell silent.”

Nurmagomedov has said that he is targeting his first title defense for September or October, most likely as the main event for UFC 228 or UFC 229. McGregor still has no set return date for the cage but will return to court on July 26 to enter a plea for the charges of assault and criminal mischief that are pending against him.