Volkan Oezdemir and Mauricio Rua are scheduled to meet in the main event of UFC Fight Night Hamburg this July.

The duo were originally slated to meet in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night Chile, but Oezdemir was reportedly pulled from the card due to travel restrictions due to an ongoing legal issue, which stems from an arrest this past November. Oezdemir has been charged with felony battery and the discovery process for the potential trial is still ongoing.

However, due to the legal issues, one thing the UFC fighter has to do is to file a motion with the judge to be allowed to travel from the USA to Germany.

“Mr. Oezdemir’s attorney would have to file a motion requesting that his client be allowed to travel,” Broward County (Florida) state attorney spokesperson Kristi Grimm told media.

Even if the motion is filed by Oezdemir’s legal time, it does not guarantee that the fighter is going to be allowed to travel overseas.

It may also not be a problem in the long run because the trial and legal process could be over by July.

“It is anticipated that case will be concluded prior to that time,” Oezdemir’s attorney Bruce A. Zimet said.

UFC Fight Night Hamburg takes place on Sunday, July 22 from the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany with Volakn Oezdemir and Mauricio Rua headlining.