Rematches always seem to be surrounded by a lot of hype, and typically for good reason. Two heavyweight boxers who took part in what proved an instant classic will be back at it again in a few weeks, and the boxing world is perched upon the edge of their collective seats. As for sportsbook, the betting odds for the next big boxing match have Haye as the favorite.

The iconic 02 Arena in London, England is the site of the May 5 bout between Tony Bellew and David Haye in a rematch that people have been clamoring for since the final bell sounded in their first match, which occurred in March, and was one that won’t soon be forgotten. The underdog, Bellew, put the boxing world on serious notice, shocking everyone with a win via total knockout (TKO).

Canelo Alvarez was scheduled to fight Gennady Golovkin in Las Vegas on the same night, but the former has been forced to back out and withdraw from the fight in lieu of failing not one, but two drug tests. So, now the spotlight falls squarely on the two aforementioned British boxers in what is expected to be another classic heavyweight tilt.

Bellew actually went up in weight to meet the heavyweight-boxing standard and fight Haye. The former’s decisive victory was impressive to say the least, but it is David Haye who finds himself favored to emerge victorious this time around, despite succumbing to Tony Bellew in their last fight. The latter fighter will again be considered the underdog in the rematch, and sports betting are listing Bellew at +155, with Haye coming in as the favorite at -190 for the second time.

Haye, who suffered a severe Achilles tendon injury in that first fight last March, has since undergone successful surgery. Though onlookers were unaware until after the fact, David Haye had apparently ruptured Achilles in the sixth round of what would ultimately be an eleven round contest. His toughness cannot be questioned, and one has to wonder if Bellew could have prevailed for another five rounds against a favored Haye at full strength.

It will be interesting to see if his footwork will suffer, and if so, how much, in the highly anticipated rematch.

Hayes himself does not seem all that worried, however. He recently cited his excitement for another crack at Bellew, and is confident that he will get revenge for the last outcome that left him out cold on the mat while his opponent celebrated victory a compelling victory. The betting world an countless other remain confident in David Hayes’ ability to exact some ring revenge as well.

Both men being veteran boxers are nearing the inevitable career of their respective careers, and are sure to be approaching this rematch with a sense of urgency. Haye, at age thirty-seven, has been open about his probability of retirement, win or lose. Considering that and the fact that he has to be chomping at the proverbial bit for another chance to pick apart Tony Ballew, Haye seems to be favored for good reason.

The second slugfest between the two will be shown live on Sky Sports Box Office on Saturday night, May 5.