It’s happening. It really is happening. In Feb. 2001 the WWE (then WWF) and NBC Sports partnered 50/50 in a joint venture known as the XFL, today (Jan. 25) Vince McMahon moved one step closer to reviving his forgotten pro football league.

On a media call McMahon announced the official return of the XFL in 2020.

During the call  a particular quote stood out when discussing making the game faster:

“The intent is to make it a much faster game. Sitting and watching a three, three-and-a-half hour game is laborious sometimes. Sometimes it’s not, depending on the quality of the play, but we intend to have a much faster game. We’re going to try to get to two hours, that’s our goal. That’s an experience I think that most people would enjoy and doesn’t take up a lot of their time.”

The original XFL was a brainchild of the McMahon and NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol. Following NBC losing the television rights of the NFL to Fox and CBS, Ebersol turned to his longtime friend Vince McMahon to birth the XFL.

Marketed as a smash mouth alternative to the NFL, the XFL made it only one full season. After the championship game between the Los Angeles Xtreme and the San Francisco Demons, both the WWF and NBC reportedly lost upwards of $35 million dollars apiece on the project.