Floyd Mayweather improved his unbeaten boxing record to 50-0 with a TKO (technical knockout) win over Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor on Saturday night, as the most anticipated boxing match in years delivered the result that most expected, but also delivered on entertainment.

The Irish underdog began strongly, outboxing Mayweather in the first round and controlling the pace of the early rounds, using his height and reach advantage.

As the bout progressed however, McGregor began to tire, and Mayweather’s class began to shine through.

The tide well and truly turned in Mayweather’s favour in Round 9, as McGregor began to visibly fatigue, stumbling at times and barely managing to survive the round.

Round 10 turned out to be the last round of the much-hyped superfight, with the referee halting the bout after McGregor ate several precise Mayweather blows.