ST. LOUIS — The new Mr. Money in the Bank is not “Phenomenal.” He is not an underdog from an underground, nor is he the “New Face” of anything. He’s not known as an artist, and he is certainly not a repeat victor with a penchant for stealing the show. He is a lean, mean, big bad wolf who is here to hurt everyone he can and make a lot of money — figurative or otherwise — doing it. He is Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf made his presence known before the bell even rang on his career-defining win when he ambushed Shinsuke Nakamura during The Rockstar’s entrance and bashed him over the spine with a camera, forcing WWE officials to carry The King of Strong Style to the back and start the match with only Corbin, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler.

What ensued was an every-man-for-himself melee; each Superstar alternately powered his way to the advantage before one intrepid soul hit them with a haymaker.

There was Owens annihilating everyone in sight with a ladder … until Zayn tossed him so emphatically onto said ladder that it crumpled. There was Zayn battling through Ziggler to get within arm’s length of the contract … until Corbin smashed him headfirst into the ladder he was trying to summit. There was Ziggler literally climbing over Corbin to make a play for the briefcase, Zig Zagging him off the rungs and fighting his way through Styles to scale the steel … until Zayn sunset-flipped over him and powerbombed him down to the canvas.

There was Zayn again, suplexing Owens onto the apron, only to eat a Phenomenal Forearm that toppled both him and the ladder he was halfway up. There was Zayn … again, Helluva Kicking Corbin, only to eat a boot to the groin from Owens. There was Styles, finally grabbing control of the briefcase handle … only for Ziggler to kick the ladder out from under him and send him falling to the mat. There was Corbin, taking advantage of the decimated field to climb the ladder … until Shinsuke Nakamura stunningly returned to the match with payback on his mind.

With the WWE Universe chanting his theme song, The King of Strong Style administered kicks and knees to everyone who wandered into his path, culminating with Kinshasas to Ziggler, Zayn and Owens. When Nakamura found himself grabbing hold of the ladder at the same time as Styles, they simultaneously moved it out of the way and hammered each other with forearms, with AJ claiming the upper hand after hitting one of the Phenomenal variety.

And then, finally, there were the two world-traveled warriors scaling the ladder to trade punches with the briefcase hanging just out of reach … until Baron Corbin shoved them both off the ladder and grabbed the contract for himself. And as he was quick to point out on Talking Smack, for anyone who holds or aspires to hold the WWE Championship, their end of days may be closer than they think.

Baron Corbin’s days, however, are just beginning.