Here it is … Part 2 of yesterdays workout. Would you like to see more of the work and training that goes into being The WWE Champion?? Thinking of making this a regular occurrence. • I'm sure some of you will suggest I don't, just so you can continue making "steroid" and "wellness policy" comments, without seeing the work that goes in. In an attempt to temporarily make yourselves feel better about the discomfort you have with your self, as a result of all the work you are NOT doing… • But please, if it makes you feel significant in any way, keep them coming.. I know I look good! Just know that it will not improve your body or confidence, only getting off the couch and doing the work will.👊🏽 #MainEventMahal #fitness #wwe #jindermahal #bodybuilding #motivation #WWEMITB #wwechampionship **vid credit : @mattgirard – dude is amazing!**

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