Everyone knows Artemus Dolgin. Perhaps a few of you love the guy where another contingent may hate his guts. Nevertheless, the guy has always stuck to his guns about what his goals and aspirations are in the sport. Artemus Dolgin isn’t in bodybuilding to transform himself into a mass monster. Rather, Dolgin is looking to make his market in a very specific market.

Classic Physique.

Some people are of the opinion that classic Physique will become the new standard for major bodybuilding. While that may be a bit of a stretch, it is indeed gaining traction and popularity. But Artemus Dolgin has always been about classic physiques in bodybuilding and as such has his own designs on creating a competition devoted to the Golden Era approach to the sport. That’s right, Artemus Dolgin is attempting to make a show. Take a look at the post below to get more details from the man himself.

We are planning to start our own show – Golden Classic. The most prestigious classic and artistic Bodybuilding exhibition ever. We will publicly invite the most classic guys in the world as well as Ifbb poster boys who try to act like they all about oldschool n let them show that on stage without politics. The judging panel will consist of bodybuilding legends and golden era Mr. Olympias. We still in the process of figuring everything out but I'm thinkin of the purse of 50-75k for the first place. Im sure we will have to engage in some serious discussions with IFBB since they won't allow their guys to compete in something like this since it will expose brutal politics but at this point i set the vision n we will push it no matter what. This industry misses entertainment, excitement and most importantly pure competition and we gonna deliver that. Buckle up guys u in for a sick ride. #strongerthantheworld #goldenaesthetics

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