According to the Associated Press, WWE has filed a motion asking a federal judge to block the lawsuits filed against them claiming long-term damage from concussions suffered in the ring. WWE filed the suit in US District Court in Connecticut on Monday, asking that all such litigation be moved to the state and arguing that current claims are both fraudulent and past the three-year statute of limitation on such claims, as per Connecticut law.

Jerry McDevitt argued in the suit that WWE is being targeted by Konstantine Kyros, who he claims is improperly soliciting former wrestlers to sue the company. He claims that Kyros is telling the talent that they can bring in a paycheck similar to what former NFL players are making under a $1 billion settlement. McDevitt said, “Before this guy started trolling around looking for people to sue, we didn’t have one person, none, claiming they had any kind of traumatic brain injuries, or dementia or ALS or any of the kind of stuff you seek associated with the NFL.”

Kyros denies the claims and said he has been retained by dozens of former WWE talent, all of whom have concussion-related health problems as a result of their constant performing in the ring. He will argue that the statute of limitations don’t apply here because the medical conditions didn’t manifest until years after the fact. Kyros said, “What the WWE lawsuit is doing is trying to do is prevent some of the most storied performers in the history of the organization from having their day in court.”

The suit mentions Robert Windham (Blackjack Mulligan) James Ware (Koko B. Ware) and Tom Billington (Dynamite Kid) as intending to bring lawsuits that the company wants blocked. All have indicated their intent to sue. No hearing has yet been scheduled in the case.