WWE’s Fan Council sent out a survey to check which independent wrestling promotions fans were interested in from the following list:

All American Wrestling
CHIKARA Pro Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Dragon Gate
EVOLVE Wrestling
Full Impact Pro
Ohio Valley Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Ring of Honor
SHIMMER Women’s Athletes
Squared Circle Wrestling

With rumors bouncing around that WWE is looking to start touring their NXT brand, as well as the ones about WWE having interest in buying Ring of Honor, many people are wondering if this survey may have a more ominous purpose.  While a very negative view, it is possible they’ll pay a closer eye toward those brands if this is true.

On a more positive note, it’s entirely possible they’re simply trying to gauge the kind of wrestling fans are into today in order to freshen up their product or make it reach a broader percentage of their fan base. By finding out what indie promotions interest you, they can also see what kind of wrestling you enjoy.