featuredYou have questions, we have answers. This month, we spoke with Jeff Campbell, the president of UFC FIT, to answer questions you had on marketing. 

CS: What’s a key marketing lesson you’ve learned over the years? 

JC: I have been working in the direct-to-consumer space for almost 20 years. If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t predict what will resonate with the consumers — either by what you feel is right, or what a focus group will tell you, a good  marketing agency who do the research and know the industry is essential.

CS: What tips can you provide clubs for executing a successful marketing campaign?

JC: There’s always a lot of noise about the next new thing. Be patient. Those new channels rarely prove scalable right off the bat. A good example is Facebook. It took years to mature as a channel for advertisers. Stick with what works today, but make allowances to test. Those tests may prove very fruitful for the next campaign, or the one after that.

CS: What are some common marketing mistakes clubs make? And how can they avoid them?  

JC: Today’s marketing is not as simple as, “Set it and forget it.” You need to always test and be willing to pivot. The speed at which messaging and channels can experience burnout is exponentially higher than it was five years ago. Don’t be afraid to test mid-campaign.

CS: What qualities should clubs look for in a marketing director? 

JC: You need someone that has a proven track record of success and experience, but not just in one media vertical, but also in multiple channels. You can’t rely on just a good TV, radio or Internet marketing person. Even at the director level, they need to have a field of vision on how they all work together.

More importantly, this person needs to know exactly how each channel still resonates to a certain type of consumer. Each of those touch points need to convey the value proposition that is unique for that audience. Otherwise, you risk alienating any one group that is a potential customer. The technology is there, and these hires need to show their knowledge of it.

CS: What’s your favorite thing about marketing for NeV? 

JC: That’s easy. With such a broad array of assets, it gives me the opportunity to learn. Because each brand is so diverse, I get a new perspective on how to create a unique value proposition for a specific type of member profile.


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