The following are highlights of a new Huffington Post interview with NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair:

Fear of not living up to Ric Flair’s legacy: “The biggest thing holding me back is fear. Being afraid to fail and not live up to such a legacy my dad has made. I do feel the pressure, but I also feel the drive. My dad was really hard on me as a kid in sports, so this is no different.”

Her desire to change the WWE Divas division: “I want it so bad. Obviously NXT’s brand, we have a little more time to work. There’s a little more Divas focus — more story lines, more backstage segments. As NXT is the future, I hope as we all come up together, the Divas division will have more depth and be stronger. Not to say it’s not strong now. But I hope with what NXT has to offer, the division will just be incredible.”