If a report via Kathy Duva is to be believed, Al Haymon may soon be truly changing the boxing landscape.

Duva says that Haymon has a deal with NBC for 24 fight dates, offering NBC around $20 million total. At least four dates, it is said, would be prime time network events, with one coming the week after the Super Bowl.

Haymon who acts as an advisor to fighters the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Amir Khan, Adrien Broner and more, reportedly has an exclusive output deal worth millions of dollars in place with NBC Sports for 24 fight dates.

“He’s promised NBC that he’s going to take his fighters off premium cable, he’s going to put Showtime and HBO out of the puzzle and he’s going to do away with pay-per-view and create an over-the-top network,” Duva told Boxingscene.com. “He’s got the fighters and he’s presumably got the money. I wish him the best and I totally and sincerely mean it. I pray he doesn’t blow it because if he does, we’re not going back to [network TV for a while]. If he’s successful, all the networks will want boxing.”

The news will likely change the landscape of boxing today, as the sport relies heavily on pay-per-view events with marquee names to drive revenue.