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Dean Ambrose and John Cena called out Seth Rollins



MEMPHIS, Tenn. — He’s baaaaaack. One month after escaping WWE medical officials and going on the lam, Dean Ambrose has returned from his walkabout and is ready for some payback. In fact, the self-dubbed “ugly stepchild” of WWE staged a literal sit-in until The Authority presented Seth Rollins for further punishment. What he got was John Cena, who similarly wanted a piece of Mr. Money in the Bank. Ambrose wasn’t exactly OK with splitting his prize down the middle and seemed more than ready to throw down with the Cenation leader as well. The Authority’s attempt to restore order led Cena and Ambrose to take matters into their own hands and chase Rollins through the bowels of the arena, until he commandeered a civilian’s car and sped away from his pursuers.

Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz to become the new Intercontinental Champion



Like many a celebrity marriage, The Miz’s third dalliance with the Intercontinental Championship was short-lived, all thanks to the appearance of a chiseled blond guy. All of which is to say, 24 hours after about as dirty an Intercontinental Title loss as has ever occurred in WWE, Dolph Ziggler regained the prestigious prize from the duplicitous Miz after deploying his rematch clause on Raw.

Miz’s shadiness extended well into his title defense; The Awesome One bounced Dolph — whose stunt double “R-Ziggler” was not in the house — off the ropes with a neckbreaker that nearly brought the curtain down on The Showoff’s endeavors. Ziggler roared back to mount a second-act comeback on par with Mickey Rourke, taking out Miz and an interfering Damien Sandow before employing a bit of turnabout, reversing a Miz rollup into a tight-grabbing pin of his own to become a three-time Intercontinental Champion. Talk about a Hollywood ending.

Jack Swagger def. Bo Dallas



Bo Dallas says he likes to inspire people. Safe to say Jack Swagger was sufficiently inspired by “America’s Sweetheart” pinning him on SmackDown, because The Real American did the Stars and Bars proud by making the former NXT Champion submit for the second straight Raw. Bo delivered a smashing (literally) effort, pummeling the former World Heavyweight Champion to and fro and beating the wind out of him with a knee to the gut. Swagger seized his moment when Dallas went to the top rope, though, dropping Bo on his face and plying the Patriot Lock for a submission that even had Zeb Colter — to say nothing of we, the people — crowing in delight.