It seems as if the WWE may be facing some backlash from their contracted talent after the shocking release of Alberto Del Rio last week.

Del Rio was cut from the WWE last week for what WWE referred to as “unprofessional conduct.” Shortly after the news broke, details emerged noting that Del Rio had slapped a social media worker after allegedly making a racist comment.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio stated that Del Rio tracked down the employee, Cody Barbierri, and asked him to apologize to no avail. After Barbierri laughed off the situation Del Rio delivered what Meltzer described as a “John Stossel-David Schultz” slap.

As of now Barbierri is still with the company but many expect him to be cut loose as the company doesn’t want to advocate racism any more than violence. Many wrestlers are also said to be upset about Del Rio’s release and see him in the right.

Sources close to Del Rio have said that he’s been unhappy in the company for over a year. Rumors swirled in January that the former WWE Champion was looking to exit the company following the completion of his contract as he’s financially stable from his past earnings. Del Rio would also have no issue finding work elsewhere as he’s a proven commodity.


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