The WWE Network became officially “kind of” available in Canada today. Although Rogers and WWE’s cooperative press release stated the WWE Network will be available on all major cable, satellite, and IPTV providers (which was later edited in WWE’s version to say “contact your local service provider”), as it would turn out, that isn’t true.

It is available to all Rogers subscribers, and the channel went live at about 5am EST on Tuesday, August 8, 2014. The WWE Network is currently being broadcast in high definition on Rogers channel 512, and available for a 2-week free preview (which will include this weekend’s 2014 WWE SummerSlam completely free of charge). However, for those who aren’t in Rogers service map, we have been left out of the network, so to speak.

Bell Media have not made any official statement to the public as of yet on if they will be offering the network, however, in a memo set to staff today they company said:

“Rogers will offer the WWE Network as a Pay Per View channel in Canada, it will be available to other TV providers in the near future. We are unable to comment on when any negotiations between Rogers and Bell may take place, but we are sure there will be details, such as cost, and debut date at some point in the future. if there is sufficient interest from our customer base.”

It should be noted, that if you contact Bell Media directly at 1-888-skydish you can make a “Channel Request” if enough people make requests for WWE Network, Bell will put more focus on expediting their efforts to acquire the Network.

The WWE Network on Rogers, will be a scaled back version of the service available to the rest of the world and will cost $11.99 as opposed to the $9.99 you hear chanted on Raw week after week. Most of these decisions are in part due to the CRTC regulations that the Government of Canada impose on Canadians in order to restrict what forms of media the general public are permitted to consume. While this may seem archaic to most in the western world, it’s standard operating procedure for the Government of Canada.

So unfortunately, this means instead of getting the vast content library that the United States and the rest of the world have access to, Canada is being offered something inferior, at a higher price.


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