CM Punk and WWE’s parting of the ways could turn into a legal dispute, reports Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. The situation between both sides is very bad, with WWE reportedly very upset with how things have gone down. As for Punk, he has vowed never to wrestle again.

The exact nature of any potential legal action is unknown. What we do know is that Punk walked out on his contract in January of this year. In July the contract expired, leaving Punk a free man, but also leaving WWE shy of six months work from their former star performer.

“This thing could turn into a major legal issue – and it may already have been” Dave Meltzer states.

“There was nothing filed as of two weeks ago, but there’s people bracing for it that something might end up there.”

Whatever the legal implications, there’s almost no chance of seeing CM Punk end up back in WWE. He doesn’t want to go there, in fact, he doesn’t ever want to wrestle anywhere. Paul Heyman has stated that Punk believes he would be a failure if he ever went back. Dave Meltzer enforces the point, “CM Punk’s goal in life is never to lace up his boots again, not in Japan, not in Ring Of Honor – believe me there’s was never a chance of him doing Ring Of Honor.”

On WWE’s part, they have no interest in ever using Punk again. “There’s also the belief they wouldn’t have him back” Observer Radio Show co-host Bryan Alvarez states.

“Yes, at this point they don’t want him back, they’re very upset at how all this went down” Dave Meltzer responds.

With all that considered, it looks like CM Punk could very well become the modern day Randy Savage. He will never return to the company and he will never be considered for the Hall Of Fame. Both parties are very unhappy with how they parted ways earlier this year. If it now ends up in a legal battle, things are going to get very ugly indeed.