A press conference was held with Daniel Bryan in Phoenix in relation to his subduing of a would-be burglar that he and Brie Bella interrupted. Check out the highlights:

– Brie Bella was there Daniel Bryan and held their dog Josie.

– He said the guy wasn’t in great shape. He just took him down and subdued him. Guy kept saying “I’m sorry” until cops came.

– Bryan said: “It took zero effort to take him down. It took zero effort to put on the rear naked choke.” He said burglar was tired.

– Bryan admitted that maybe doing it was a bad move because you never know what danger it is, but they’re fortunate they are fine.

– Bryan was emotional when talking about an item his dad gave him at his wedding that was stolen, but they were able to retrieve. He was in near tears because his dad passed away a few months ago.

– Brie said she was home all day doing some work in the background because the house was new. They moved there about 10 days earlier. She said she left their dog Josie at the house while she picked him up at the airport on Thursday, so they were worried about Josie. Josie wasn’t harmed.

– Bryan mentioned he didn’t think the guy was a wrestling fan.

– He talked about his crazy Thursday where he was at the Comic Con, met Sting and announced his autobiography. He said a doctor told him he will probably need that second surgery. Bryan said right now he’s got about half the strength in his right arm as his left arm right now.

– They were supposed to put the security alarm in on Wednesday, but he was busy with physical therapy sessions and then this happened on Thursday.

– Bryan didn’t get a good look at the second guy, which was the one that got away. One of their neighbors saw them.

– Bryan said that he chased the guy about 400 meters, but the guy got tired and that’s why he was able to grab him.

— TMZ.com also posted the following highlight video of a Daniel Bryan media press conference regarding the burglary at his home last night: