Brock Lesnar will return on RAW next Monday, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports.

Current WWE plans (which obviously could change) are for Lesnar to make his comeback on the show emanating from Miami, Florida, just a day after the WWE Battleground pay per view. The episode is expected to set in motion Lesnar’s SummerSlam feud with John Cena.

In a small coincidence, the Miami venue is the same location that Lesnar made his original return back in 2012, in a famous angle where he destroyed Cena. We might see something very similar this Monday – same guys, same location, same angle.

Lesnar’s feud with Cena will be the centrepiece of WWE television over the next two months. The pair will headline SummerSlam in Los Angeles, with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship expected to be on the line. Following August we have Night Of Champions in September, which WWE will be booking as a ‘supercard’ in order to retain expiring WWE Network subscriptions. Lesnar is booked for that show as well, so maybe he’ll also wrestle Cena there.

One scenario might be that Brock wins the title at SummerSlam, only for Cena to win it back at Night Of Champions. That would make Cena a sixteen time champion, matching Ric Flair’s legendary title haul. It would fit comfortably with Brock Lesnar’s schedule, he can hold the title for a month, before taking off again until WrestleMania season. The other potential scenario for Night Of Champions would be that Lesnar faces Cesaro or a returning Daniel Bryan. The problem with that is Cesaro is nowhere near over enough for a headline spot. Bryan meanwhile shows no signs of returning soon. Another situation could be that WWE has worked out more contract dates with Lesnar, which could see him reiging as Champion throughout the Autumn.

It all starts next Monday on Raw. Brock Lesnar is back.