The first annual IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini show will take place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. The line up isn’t the deepest we’ve seen this year and it will likely come down to two women for the win.

Angela Marquez has won three shows in a row and will look for her fourth this weekend. She’ll face her toughest test of the year when she meets up with hometown girl Stacey Alexander. Stacey was third at last year’s Olympia and won’t have to worry about hotels or travel since she calls Vegas home. You can put all your chips on Stacey and Angela finishing in the top two unless they’ve camped out at an In-N-Out Burger.

The bigger battle will be for the third place spot. There’s no clear cut favorite here. Yarishna has a good look but her legs have yet to come down and tend to be a bit too muscular compared to her upper body. Marcela has a good look and if she can come in with a fuller look to her physique has a good chance at that third place spot. Mary Dent will blow people’s minds when they see her and find out she’s over 50. Can she finish in the top spots? Don’t bet against her. Jennifer Dietrick hasn’t competed much this year and has been all over the board with her placings in previous shows. Liana Hamilton has yet to dial it in this year but has the tools to nail a top spot. If she comes in tighter than her last two shows she’ll be in the hunt. Lisa Roy rounds out the line up. She’ll have her work cut out for her in the open but has collected a couple of paychecks this year in the Masters division.

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini
1. Stacey Alexander
2. Yarishna Ayala
3. Marcela Cabral
4. Mary Dent
5. Jennifer Dietrick
6. Liana Hamilton
7. Angela Marquez
8. Lisa Roy

2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Master Bikini 
1. Mary Dent
2. Liana Hamilton
3. Diana Harbot
4. Lisa Roy

The IFBB Pro show is held in conjunction with a National Qualifying NPC show. For more information visit: