Details on WWE’s SummerSlam plans for Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan & Antonio Cesaro

Details on WWE’s SummerSlam plans for Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan & Antonio Cesaro

With SummerSlam on the horizon in August, there are plenty of rumors floating around about what may or may not happen at that show. Daniel Bryan’s the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion that is still recovering from a neck injury although he may be able to wrestle by the end of June. If that happens then he’ll probably beat Kane one more time and then fend off another challenger at Money in the Bank. It would be a surprise if Bryan didn’t walk into SummerSlam as the WWE Champion.

In an update on the situation, F4WOnline reports that Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is not penciled in for SummerSlam even though that’s a match that a lot of people have expected to see at WWE’s biggest show of the summer.

The problem with booking Lesnar in a WWE Title match is that he’s likely only scheduled to wrestle four times up to and including WrestleMania 31 with his contract expiring at that point. If you put the WWE Title on him, then how long can he really hold it? There have been reports that he will wrestle at September’s Night of Champions event because that will take place after a lot of WWE Network subscriptions expire, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be winning the WWE Title either.

Another report notes that Cesaro is a favorite to win the Money in the Bank ladder match on June 29. If he wins that match then he will get to hold the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase that grants him a WWE Title match any time he wants for the next year.

There was a plan discussed where Cesaro could cash in on Lesnar at SummerSlam after Lesnar defeated Bryan for the title and Cesaro would become the new champion. That plan is apparently off the table for now due Bryan’s current injury status, but if he’s healthy by SummerSlam it could definitely happen.

If Cesaro were to cash in the MITB briefcase on Lesnar it would be a similar finish to last year’s SummerSlam although in that case it was Orton and Triple H as heels. If Cesaro cashed in then he would likely turn babyface in the process because he’s likely going to be on of the top three babyfaces in the company by the end of this year. There’s also the obvious involvement of Paul Heyman, who could be angry that Cesaro cashed in on Lesnar against his wishes.

Something that should not be forgotten is that WrestleMania main event plans changed a month before the show. Daniel Bryan wasn’t supposed to main event until WWE realized it was the right thing. SummerSlam is well over two months away on August 17, so this talk of Bryan vs. Lesnar not happening right now may be irrelevant in a couple of months.

If there’s one thing that’s for sure in WWE it’s that things are always changing and as they always like to remind us, anything can happen.

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