May. 12, 2014 /KSM/ – Today Kocosports Media announced the launch of stage one of their new division “Kocosports Marketing“, a new multi-platform marketing agency, aimed at the Combat Sports & Fitness Industry, to be headed up by Gerry O’Neill, founder of Kocosports Media & former professional wrestler, who has spend several years working as a marketing strategist and software developer in the fitness industry. Joining Gerry at the helm will be Pablo Sepulveda, veteran IT and design guru with over 20 years experience in the marketing and printing industry.

“Marketing is the lifeblood of the Combat Sports & Fitness Industries where 40% of gym, health club & dojo members don’t re-join. Even in Combat Sports Event Promotion, we are seeing a switch from “hardcore fans” to “casual fans” who attend one or two shows and never return. If you want a successful business you MUST replace lapsed customers, you NEED to seek out prospects and convert them into New Members and New Fans. But owners and promoters are struggling, they are being forced to pay high prices for quality marketing materials or cut corners and hurt their company image, and we see a huge opportunity here” said O’Neill.

“We are proud today to announce the launch of stage one of ‘Kocosports Marketing‘ the KS Print-Shop ( We wanted to make a simple one-stop-shop destination where Promoters of Combat Sports, Gym & Health Club Owners, Athletes, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers and Fitness Retailers can take their pre-existing artwork (or request a design from our team) and know that they will get the best possible prices on posters, event tickets, signs, banners, postcards, business cards, shirts and more. From small runs to mass production, we are equipped to cater to every need” 

“There are other solutions out there, but what gives us the advantage is that we are not just a ‘generic print-shop’ we have worked in and understand the Combat Sports & Fitness Industry, we have been athletes, performers, promoters, owners, and have produced content for some of the largest fitness and sports franchises in the world. We know how hard it is to succeed in those industries and we wanted to make our service, straight forward and simple. With us, what you see is what you get, No hidden costs, No additional taxes, No import duties and Free Shipping anywhere in the US & Canada!”  

Kocosports Marketing’s second stage will launch later in the year, so what’s next in line? O’Neill had this to say: “We will focus on establishing a Content Agency for our clients. Key service pillars will include strategic planning, creative direction, production and technology integration, with specific orientation on web & mobile content. Strategic outputs such as content architecture, cross-channel planning, and metatag schema will be built on a foundation of intelligence, strategy and insights around consumers’ content needs, mapped against clients’ products and services and business priorities. Kocosports Marketing will offer up turnkey production and distribution of integrated content programs and campaigns.”

So if you’re in the Combat Sports, Health Club, Supplement, Health Food or Physical Therapy Industries, we welcome you to visit us at and find out what Kocosports Marketing can do for you!

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