Former California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger attended this past weekend’s in “Arnold Classic Brazil” in Rio de Janeiro.

The Hollywood star stopped recording the movie “Terminator 5” to come down and follow the second Brazilian edition of one of the largest multi-sport events in the world.

This year, the fair had about 31 competitions, including: strongman, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, skate, bmx, crossfit, poly dance, jiu jitsu and even some for kids such as racquetball and chess. The event brouht 170 exhibitors, including sports supplement brands, clothing and accessories, and some 5,300 athletes.

One of the organizers of the event , Ana Paula Leal Graziano said the turnout reinforced that the character of the event was multisport “Arnold summed up what he wanted us to do with the event…” Make it big. We complied with the direction to the letter”.

The star even joked in conference with one of the phrases that marked a milestone in the history of cinema: “I’ll be back. The event is the second edition in Rio de Janeiro as well as being a beautiful place, I believe that people like to exercise and jog on the beach. Moreover, trust in the partnership of Brazilian partners Ana Paula Leal and Luiz Felipe Bonilha, who understand and care about the connection of sport and health” explained the former governor.

Arnold, who has won multiple bodybuilding championships, including 7 as Mr. Olympia, explains his passion for the sport: “I’m addicted to train and I exercise every day. They said that if trained too much, could hasten my age, have health problems or even turn gay. Fortunately, nothing happened” Arnold joked, adding that he decided to use his popularity to spread more and more places in the world to physical activity and bodybuilding.

The Arnold Bodybuilding Pro competition took place at Citibank Hall. The show drew competitors, both men and women, from all over the world. Among the 25 participants, three were Brazilians. Regiane da Silva, a naturalized German, competed at European country. Balestrin Julio Monteiro and Diana, did not reach the top 5 picks of the judges. Julio was a rookie in professional competition and Diana had competed in the previous year in the same category.

The big star of the night, the American Steve Kuclo, was the favorite and took the gold medal home. The other winners at the Arnold Classic Pro were: Juan Diesel Morel, Jonathan de LaRosa, Lionel Beyeke and Toney Freeman. Among women, the Arnold Classic Fitness, American Cisterino Bethany, was the first. Followed by Regiane, Danielle Ruban, Whitney Jones and Ryall Graber. All winners received the award from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The event was a huge success with thousands of people, both sports enthusiasts and professionals, nutritionists and famous athletes like Eva Andressa, Carol Scott, Larissa Reis, Eduardo Correa, Alice Matos Juju Salimeni and her boyfriend Felipe Franco. Plus many others who were very satisfied with the organization and sports championships.

Arnold thanked all the Brazilians who participated and highlighted that he was very happy to see the growth of the fair from last year to this, and therefore is very eager to come back soon with another edition of the Arnold Classic in Brazil.