Michael Bisping is known for his quick strikes and quicker wit. And when the Englishman is cheesed off, he can bung a few cheeky insults at any pikey wanker that looks at him the wrong way… know what I mean?

This time around, however, Bisping seems to be taking the high road when it comes to his verbal assaults on his opponent for Wednesday night’s TUF Nations Finale, Tim Kennedy.

… Well, a bit of a high road, anyway. Comparatively speaking.

Kennedy has been tossing quite a few jabs at the Brit in recent weeks, culminating with the release of his most recent “Ranger Up” video, depicting Bisping as a cartoon character, sporting pillows for hands and getting knocked out “Hendo style”, while a sarcastic rhyme is being sung in the background. But Bisping isn’t biting. At least, he’s not biting as much as he normally does, when faced with an opponent who feels the need to make it a verbal war, prior to the physical one.

Bisping had this to say about Tim Kennedy and his Ranger Up brand, when he spoke with MMASucka.com:

This company, and I don’t like to say their name, but it is Ranger Up — they’re a wannabe, two-bit clothing company and they probably sell out of their car trunks at some minor events and things like that,” Bisping told MMASucka.com. “They’re trying to sell products and Tim Kennedy is the owner of this, so he’s trying to use this as a way to market his own product. I’ll be honest, in my boredom, I did look at the website and the stuff is just terrible so it’s never going to go anywhere.”

Everyone is saying this is a fight everyone wants to see. I don’t want to sound really arrogant, but if I wasn’t in this fight, nobody would give a damn. If he hadn’t had done all these videos and acted like an idiot, then nobody would give a damn. When you think of UFC and exciting match-ups, Tim Kennedy’s name is not up there or you don’t think of Tim Kennedy as one of the marquee fighters.”

As I mentioned in a previous article, Kennedy was recently on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, where he spoke about Bisping being a “dirty fighter”, citing his affinity for fence-holding, shorts-grabbing and eye-poking. Not shockingly, Bisping refuted these claims:

Tim Kennedy is quite an awkward fellow and that’s probably why a lot of the problems come up. He kind of looks a little strange, he’s short and he’s definitely got the Napoleon complex. His mom and dad probably weren’t that kind to him, he’s pushing 40, he’s doesn’t have any kids and he’s probably impotent. I kind of feel sorry for the guy.”

It’s complete lies and completely manufactured. He portrays himself as this American hero and this soldier, I’m sure Captain America in the new release of the movie isn’t going around telling lies and dressing up as a woman and acting like an idiot on camera. I’m sure he’s going in there, handling business and kicking ass. In that interview he said that I always eye poke, I always kick to the groin, I always grab the fence — in 20 something fights in the UFC, I’ve only had one point deducted ever. I’ve never been known as a dirty fighter, I’ve never been questioned by the commission, prior to every fight we have to be licensed. It’s just nonsense and he’s trying to paint me as the bad guy. That’s fine, paint me as the bad guy all you want, because I will be the bad guy on Wednesday night when I take your head clean off your shoulders and then that’s it, goodbye.”

And as far as Bisping’s plans, after he deals with Tim Kennedy? Well, he plans on aiming high.

A lot of people call me out after fights and I never quite understand it. I’m ranked number four or five in the world, which is great, but if you’re in the top 10 and you win and you get on the microphone why on earth do you call out the number four or five guy. When I knockout Tim Kennedy on Wednesday night and I get on the microphone, I’m calling out the champion. Whoever wins the fight between [Lyoto] Machidaand [Chris] Weidman that’s who I want to fight. I don’t want the number four guy, I want the number one guy.”

The TUF Nations Finale will be airing on FOX Sports 1, this Wednesday night. It emanates out of the Colisee Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.