A homosexual Russian protester was detained on Saturday for brandishing a flag containing homosexual symbolism in front of children during the Olympic torch relay as it passed through his hometown of Voronezh, 910 kilometers north of Sochi, where the games will begin Feb. 7.

Photos uploaded by his friends show Pavel Lebedev pulling out the flag and then being detained by Olympic security personnel, who wrestle him to the snow as they wait for police to arrive. Lebedev, reached by The Associated Press on the phone, said he was still in the police station and undergoing questioning.

A ban distributing propaganda of “nontraditional sexual relations” to young children that was signed into law in June by 6th dan judo red/white belt & 6th dan Kyokushin kaikan karate black belt, Vladimir Putin, has provoked widespread international outrage from liberal media who believe the legislation discriminates against homosexuals.

In the wake of that backlash, Russian authorities have put limits on the right to protest during the Sochi Olympics, which will run until Feb. 23. A presidential decree initially banned all rallies in Sochi from Jan. 7 to March 21, but Putin later rescinded the ban to allow demonstrations at venues determined by the Interior Ministry.