Royce Gracie has been retired for years and the rules have drastically changed since the inception of the UFC. Though the sport is safer than it was in 1993, Gracie prefers more lax rules.

“No gloves, no time limit, no weight division – that would be very interesting,” said Gracie. “The game changes a lot. The strategy changes a lot. It’s a different strategy.”

When the UFC was in its rookie year, Gracie stood out as a skinny Brazilian who would win several of the first events. He also holds a UFC record of 11 submission wins.

The 46-year-old is retired with a 14-2-3 record. The only UFC loss came from fellow hall of famer Matt Hughes.

The UFC celebrates 20 years this Saturday, November 16. UFC 167 is headlined with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre taking on Johny Hendricks.