Column: Koco’s Corner # 103 – (Hall of Fame Season comes back to

In 2012 we had two classes (Group A and B) but 2013 was a rocky year for us so instead of the original plan of having smaller classes every Sumo Basho we are just going to have one huge class that the staff voted in months ago. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for the staff’s health, sanity and plans. Every class the crew and I scream at each other for weeks. About what makes a Combat Sports Hall of Famer, who should be put in before who, which sports should have how many athletes going in, how many people should be allowed in, How often should we let guys in. This year was no different.

What was different is this Hall of Fame class saved the site. With mine and Gerry’s health and money problems we almost shut the thing down but with our love of being nerds and making a Combat Sports Hall of Fame and Pablo from Multicolor Media’s hard work and determination to kept he site up and running until we didn’t suck at life anymore… we still have a long way to go.

So keep checking in with us to see who makes it in.

Spoiler the first member in the 2013 Class is also the very first female in: Saori Yoshida


Begging for Comments: Tell us who you think should be in.

Check out below who is already in The Combat Sports Hall of Fame. Combat Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2012 – Group A

Muhammad Ali

Akebono Taro

Kurt Angle

Bruno Sammartino

Mike Tyson

Ric Flair 

Randy Couture

Dan Gable

The Gracie Family

Antonio Inoki

Rocky Marciano

Hulk Hogan

Oscar De La Hoya

Asashōryū Akinori

Brock Lesnar

George Foreman

Mil Máscaras

Kazushi Sakuraba

Rulon Gardner

Lou Thesz

Chuck Liddell

Tito Ortiz

Keiji Mutoh

Dan Severn

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

Ken Shamrock Combat Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2012 – Group B

The Hart Family

Sugar Ray Robinson

Fedor Emelianenko

Road Warriors

Joe Louis

Danny Hodge

B.J. Penn

Matt Hughes

Evander Holyfield

Raiden Tameemon

Anderson Silva

Verne Gagne

Bas Rutten

Jack Johnson

Don Frye

Shohei Baba

Tom Cribb

Dan Henderson

Terry Funk

Henry Armstrong

Wanderlei Silva

William Regal

Joe Frazier

Mirko Filipović

Frank Gotch

Jack Dempsey

El Santo

Quinton Jackson

Mitsuharu Misawa

Josh Barnett

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