Elgin and Strong collide once more!!

At “Final Battle 2012”, Roderick Strong took advantage of Truth Martini’s involvement and smacked Michael Elgin in the skull with The Book of Truth to pick up the victory. Roddy then walked out on Truth, explicitly stating he is done with Martini, and after Elgin recovered he did the same, albeit in a much more physical fashion.

At “Defy or Deny II” in Milwaukee, Strong once again got the better of “Unbreakable” by eliminating him from the Defy or Deny challenge first and now, the two will collide in a Six Man Tag on February 2nd in Baltimore. That multi-man bout could be a chance for Strong to maintain his advantage over Elgin or a shot for Elgin to even the score but regardless of how that plays out, ultimately it is preamble to the match that has been signed for our “11th Anniversary Event” on March 2nd

That night, live on iPPV, the two former House of Truth members will collide one-on-one once again, but this time it’s going to take more than one fall to be declared victor. ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness has declared that this will be a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match! Not only that but he has also declared that if Truth Martini shows his face during this match, he will be suspended indefinitely!

“I am mister endurance, bro.” said Roderick to ROHWrestling.com, “Every day I train I go at it like I’m getting ready for a marathon, like every match is an Iron Man. You think Mikey runs as hard as I do? You think he can hang in the gym like that? Trust me I know what the kid is capable of, I’ve been in the gym with him, and I’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to conditioning. All day long, all day strong.”

Elgin also had his own thoughts to offer up for this battle:

“Roderick is going to tell the world how great his conditioning is and how he is the fittest man in Ring of Honor. I know the man, I’ve heard the speech first hand, but the fact of the matter is that I am just as highly conditioned as Roderick, if not more so. The fact of the matter Roderick is that this fight has less to do with your physical conditioning and more to do with your ability to survive a beating. This is about me putting you down in two straight falls, embarrassing you, and moving on with my life. Thanks to Nigel, there will be no Truth to bail you out this time, no Truth to save you from being broken in half.”

It’s Elgin vs. Strong, 2 Out of 3 Falls, and it’s one part of our “11th Anniversary Event” on March 2nd in Chicago Ridge! That event airs live on iPPV right here on ROHWrestling.com and you can get your tickets right here in the ROH Store! We’ve got plenty more on tap for our birthday event, including all three ROH Titles being defended, so make sure you keep an eye on ROHWrestling.com or check out the Early Bird episodes of ROH TV here to find out more!