According to sources, the sprinkler system at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City, LA was somehow set off as the company was filming a pre-taped segment for SmackDown. This caused many WWE stars to have their personal effects damaged.

Fire alarms and sprinklers immediately went off at full force, dousing everyone in the room, which led to a mad scramble in the dark as the fire prevention system shut down all electricity in the immediate area. Staff and wrestlers were scrambling through a flooded room in the dark, trying to remove everything of importance as the sprinklers kept spraying. The scene was described as something out of a bad comedy film with people slipping and getting completely soaked.

The company was finishing up the taping of Main Event and was getting ready to shoot SmackDown when the taping process was stopped. The company was working to keep the surge of water from running out of the room and into other backstage areas. The situation was so serious that Triple H arrived on the scene to direct traffic as the company tried to stop the water from reaching other areas of the building.

Many were said to be thankful that the fire alarms had only caused the sprinkler system to go off in the one room and not a larger portion of the arena, which may have caused the evacuation of the live audience by the local fire marshal. That would have been a disaster for the tapings.

The feeling is that the heat from lights being used for the pre-tape set off the sensors in the room and that led to the flooding.