On Sunday night, “No Surrender” aired live on Pay-Per-View from Orlando, FL, featuring the semifinals and finals of the annual “Bound For Glory Series”, where the winner earned a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event at October’s “Bound For Glory”. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at TNAOnDemand.com. Tune into Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV at 8/7c for the aftermath from the event, plus exclusive footage! If you can’t watch it, set your DVR to record it.

Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe
Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Bully Ray Def James Storm
Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher def. Tara
World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries challenges anyone from Aces & Eights
X Division Championship: Zema Ion def. Sonjay Dutt
Tag Team Championship: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian def. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle
The Bound For Glory Series Final: Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray

Results from the No Surrender Pay-Per-View

Bound for Glory Series Semifinal (Match #1):
The winner of this match will move on to a finals match up later in the Pay-Per-View to face the winner of the James Storm vs. Bully Ray match to determine who will face the World Heavyweight Champion at Bound for Glory.   In the opening minutes it showed that Joe and Hardy were affected by their injuries caused in the previous weeks of IMPACT WRESTLING.  Hardy managed to bring things outside of the ring and keep things mostly in his favor with his unpredictable methods.  However, after bringing things back in the ring Joe unleashed a fury of assaults on Hardy who barely kicked out of a Joe’s pin attempt.   Joe went to his submission move set playing to his own strengths.  Joe maintained control and showed his wide range of skills with a suicide dive to the outside of the ring onto Hardy.  Hardy was able to turn things around on him finally and get the momentum of the match into his favor.  After a whisper in the wind Hardy nearly had a pin on Joe but was kicked out by Joe.  Joe made an attempt for a muscle buster but Hardy answered it with a twist of fate. The two went back and forth until Hardy went for a submission move on Joe but could not get a submission and almost immediately the two went for quick pin attempts but in the end Hardy managed to counter Joe to get a 3 count for the win and move on to the final match in the BFG Series.

Bound for Glory Series Semifinal (Match #2): 
Bully Ray was immediately using us antics to delay the start of the match and talking smack to Storm who spit in his face to shut him up which Bully Ray didn’t take to kindly to.  After chopping Storm, it was immediately answered with a slap to the face.  The majority of the first part of the match was dominated with chops, hits and Bully Ray complaining.   With full support from the crowd James Storm was able to dominate, in the opening minutes but Bully Ray answered with an offensive.  The control of the match went back and forth between the two with Ray taking over using intimidation tactics wearing down Storm.  However in miscalculation by Ray Storm was able to get the best of him and drop him and pull things back in his favor.   In an accident Storm took out referee Earl Hebner. Ray took advantage of the situation implementing a Bubba Bomb and a new ref came in to count a near pinfall.  Just minutes after coming in the referee was taken out and Earl was revived but then taken out yet again.  Storm landed a Last Call Super kick but since the ref was taken out there was no count.  Storm got up to check on the referee and unknown to Storm, Bobby Roode came in with a beer bottle which he used to take out Storm and give Bully the 3 count and the victory needed to move on to the final match in the Bound for Glory Series later in the No Surrender Pay-Per-View.

Knockouts Championship: 
Taryn Tarrell refereed this Knockouts Bout between Tara and Miss Tesmacher.  The two locked up to start things off.  Miss Tessmacher maintained control of the match however Tara managed to find numerous points where she took advantage of the situation and used her strength.   After a brief argument between the two Tara laid out Tessmacher and it seemed all to obvious that their friendship may be coming to an end.  Tara went to take advantage of her strength and went for numerous pin attempts, which was kicked out of by Tessmacher.  After some frustration Tara went for the Widow’s Peak but was reversed by Tessmacher who rolled up Tara to get the pin for the win and retain the Knockouts Title.

Austin Aries Challenge to The Aces and 8s:
Austin Aries calls out a member of the Aces and 8s and though it took a while for them to come out.  Aries was not keen on letting him in the ring but finally Aries dived out of the ring to start things off.  This fight is an all out brawl with no official in sight.   Aries unleashes a load of punches before he attempts to take off the mask of the member but a low blow knocking Aries to the floor prevented him from succeeding.   This blow gave full control of the fight over to the member of Aces and 8s where he took full advantage beating down on the worn down Aries.  After getting a beatdown Aries pulled out powder and threw it in the eyes of his opponent which helped him immensely and allowed for him wear him down a bit but the member of the Aces and 8s took him out and went for a chair, however Aries was ready with a roll of coins to take him out and give the member a Brainbuster.  Before he could unmask the member the rest of the Aces and 8s came out and started tearing down Aries.  The rest of the locker room came to the aid of Aries followed by Hogan who called out the Aces and 8s but immediately it was made apparent that Jeff Hardy had been hurt in the scuffle.  Hogan ordered that the entire IMPACT ZONE be locked down.

X-Division Championship: 
After a hiatus from a shoulder injury Sonjay Dutt returns to the ring to face Zema Ion for the X Division Title.  After being gone though it seems it has not affected Dutt’s in ring performance, as he was able to dominate from the start.  Dutt, who as of late has displayed a move set that has not been seen before, did not disappoint as he performed a series of X Division moves on Ion breaking him down.  Not to be counted out yet, Ion managed to bring it around in his favor wearing down Dutt.   Sonjay turned things back around after reversing Ion and after a brief back and forth Dutt went high risk with a Hurricanrana and nearly captured the title.  The Back and forth continued with numerous high risk moves from Dutt including a moonsault off the corner and a springboard but this was not enough to get a pin.   Neither opponent seemed to be able to get the pinfall with numerous attempts but after all was said and done Zema Ion was able to get the pin on Dutt for the win to retain the X Division Title.

Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam 
Things started out at the ground game with a series of holds and each trying to get the upper hand on their opponent.  With RVD’s flexibility he managed to get the advantage at the start and brought it out of the ring but things changed quickly after a missed attempt to kick Magnus where he caught the guardrail instead.  Magnus went to work on RVD working on wearing him down which he continued for quite some time until RVD began to dominate going into a Rolling Thunder leading to a two count.  With both men worn down things seems more on an even keel. RVD connected with a kick to knock down Magnus and followed up with a Five Star Frog Splash into a pin to get the 3 count for the win.

Tag Team Championship: 
The match started with Angle and Daniels facing off in the ring with both men equally going back and forth despite Angle’s wrapped up hamstring.  Angle was able to get two counts in on Daniels but not enough for the three.  Angle tags in Styles who continues to wear down Daniels with some resistance but led to Kazarian tagging himself in but did not gain much headway before Styles tagged in Angle and went back to Styles shortly after.  Kazarian and Daniels went back and forth exchanging tags and wearing down Styles.  Finally Styles managed to muster up the strength to fend off Kazarian and Daniels and bring in Angle who implemented a series of suplexes but wasn’t enough to stop the duo.   Kazarian and Daniels regained control and in the process made it a point to taunt Styles all while working on wearing down Angle.  Styles managed to get tagged in and regain some control of the match and allow for Kurt to enter in a fury with consecutive suplexes and finally an ankle lock but was cut short by Kazarian.  Many near pinfalls followed.  It all seemed over when Daniels was being held form the outside of the ring in an Ankle Lock and Styles landed a 450 splash going into a pin for a very close 2 count.  It all seemed over once again when Kazarian took Styles off the top turnbuckle and fell short in a pin attempt.  Finally it all wrapped up when Kazarian rolled up Styles to get the 3 count and the pin for the win.

The Bound For Glory Series Final: 
Things started with Hardy’s music playing but Jeff Hardy is nowhere to be seen.  This led to Hulk Hogan entering and getting into the ring with Bully Ray where they began talking about how they are going to handle the situation with the injured Jeff Hardy and the final match.  Much to the delight of those in attendance at the IMPACT ZONE Hardy’s music hits and Hardy comes out to face Bully Ray.  Jeff was obviously hurting at the start of this match and it was apparent Hardy was in for a difficult match.  Bully played to the obvious advantage he had facing an injured Jeff Hardy beating him down and weakening him.  Bully’s offense went on for quite some time until finally a glimmer of hope came from Hardy as he began an offense including a twist of fate and a Swonton Bomb, but it was not enough for the pin.  Signs of life, despite Hardy’s obvious pain, continued to mount as Hardy brought out his Whisper in the Wind into another near pinfall.  Bully Ray began to work into a series of near pinfalls, which seemed to frustrate him as he couldn’t seem to get the three count on Hardy.  Hardy seemed to have a chance after two twists of fate that nearly led to a Swonton bomb but was stopped by Bully Ray.  However after knocking Ray onto the mat Hardy Swonton Bomb’s Ray and manages to get the 3 count to win the entire Bound for Glory Series and will now be facing the World Heavyweight Champion at Bound for Glory!