Olympic Gold Medallist, Rulon Gardner, added to Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camp staff

Olympic Gold Medallist, Rulon Gardner, added to Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camp staff

Rulon Gardner added to Gold Medal Camp staffOlympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner will be joining USA Olympian Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camp staff next week. The nation’s largest camp system is conducting camp in over 26 different locations across the nation including State College, PA July 15 – 28 where Rulon will be our guest clinician.

Ken Chertow’s annual Gold Medal Training Camp summer tour is already underway.Coach Chertow is a three-time NCAA All-American and three-time NCAA Academic All-American at Penn State University. Ken Chertow takes a very active stance when it comes to his camps, whether it is planning out the flow of practice or personally demonstrating a series of moves to campers. He has been involved in the coaching and teaching of wrestling for over 20 years, and in that time he has coached the Penn State and Ohio State wrestling teams.

“I have personally designed the Gold Medal Camp System so that you will learn and retain as much as possible,” said Chertow. “Through a carefully planned sequence of instruction, unique drills, and review sessions, our wrestlers will learn the techniques necessary to become a champion.”

Gardner, a two-time Olympic Medalist, has overcome a life of adversity to show that “Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True.” Gardner has survived two near-death
experiences and has also appeared on the show “The Biggest Loser” after his international wrestling career ended. Gardner will be joining NCAA and State Champions, Olympians, and coaches from all over the country that are renowned for their knowledge of the sport.

If you would like more information about a camp location near you or a tour of the Gold Medal Training Camp, please visit www.kenchertow.com, or contact Tom Tyler by email at Tom@kenchertow.com or by phone at 814-466-3466.

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