Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander are in a situation that the new ROH World Tag Team Champions The All Night Express can definitely relate to. Both teams earned Tag Team Title opportunities via Proving Ground victories on “Ring of Honor Wrestling TV” (ANX beat WGTT, C&C beat The Briscoes), ANX waited for an extended period of time before getting their shot, and that one ended when WGTT screwed ANX at “The Battle of Richmond”.  Coleman & Alexander are still waiting…or at least they were until Kenny King contacted ROH officials last night on behalf of ANX…

“I have to admit,” said Kenny via e-mail, “We’re still celebrating this victory because it was something Rhett and I had been waiting for since the day we formed The All Night Express.  But while we’re celebrating, we’re also looking forward and anticipating what’s coming down the line.  I can see us having to deal with Charlie and Shelton again after how they handled themselves like some sore losers, I can see another date with The Briscoes in our future too, but before any of that happens, before anyone else steps up just to get beat down, I want to extend a hand to Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander. Those dudes have been waiting for a few months now to get their chance. Rhett and I, we know how that feels to be put on the back burner, waiting and waiting for that title shot you earned, and I don’t want to see it happen to someone else.  So what I’m asking for, hell what I’m demanding, is that you make that match the first chance you get. Give Caprice & Cedric what they earned before you find yourselves dealing with another pair of pissed off, frustrated dudes.”

ROH officials heard Kenny’s request loud & clear and are more than happy to acquiesce, especially for a team like Caprice & Cedric who have worked hard to impress since their debut in ROH.

So on July 28th when Ring of Honor returns to Spartanburg, SC it will be The All Night Express of Kenny King & Rhett Titus defending their newly won ROH World Tag Team Titles against Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander!!!  This title match joins the already announced ROH World Title match between “The Notorious 187” Homicide and whoever holds the championship come 7/28!  Our return to SC is shaping up to be a big one so make sure you get your tickets now!!!!!!