Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, June 11th, 2012 (USA Network)
Location: The XL Center in Hartford, CT.

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We start the show with the innovator of People Power, Johnny Ace! According to King, tonight may very well be the last night of ol Ace-head. He introduces himself only to be cut off by No Chance! And here comes the man himself, Mr. McMahon. Power Walk of Doom gets Vince to the ring without tearing anything, and he’s got a mic. Ace extends his hand, but Vince says he isn’t shaking his hand. He claims that this is all business. He is here to give Ace a job performance evaluation, so let’s get right to it. Vince wants ONE reason as to why he shouldn’t fire Ace’s pencil necked butt right now. Ace has two words for that, “People Power!” He mentions the 100th 1000th show of RAW, the time is now. He empowers people, and they love him for it. Vince asks if we do, and we don’t. Ace says that these are the same people who used to boo Vince years ago. Now, they respect him as the legend he is, including Ace. Johnny says that they all have a few things in common. They are both visionaries, innovators and astute business men. The crowd chants “Fire Johnny.” Vince brings up the signing of Brock and how there are now two legal battles they have to endure, and he also brings up Zach Gowen being the wrong one-legged wrestler, haha. Or, what about Big Show? Vince says that Big Show hasn’t performed well since 1999 and Ace signed him to a lucrative, no break contract? Ace calls him biased towards Show due to the one time Vince had his head shoved up Big Show’s ass.

Ace brings up the carnage that Show has done and what he will do to Cena in the Steel Cage? Why is Ace the man for the job? Because he does it all. Not only is he the GM of RAW and Smackdown, he is also the Executive VP of Talent Relations. Vince claims that we cannot even understand what Ace is saying. Both suits are cut off by Sheamus of all people. Interesting. They hint at a change in the title match.

Vince McMahon introduces Sheamus to Johnny Ace. haha. Sheamus claims it’s great to see Mr. McMahon back here. As champion, he felt it was his duty to let Vince know that what Ace said is right. He is a friend. The type of friend that will fine you half a mil just because he can. The type to hold a personal vendetta for bumping into him. Vince McMahon mentions that #FireJohnny is trending worldwide. Way to prioritize there, Vince. Sheamuscloses with saying that Vince should fire him.

Ace says that he is going to the back to get an opponent for Sheamusright now! Vince stops him, and says that it better be a really good opponent. Every match tonight better be very impressive, and if Vince is not impressed, at the end of the night, Vince is going to fire his ass.

Vince hops on Johnny Ace’s scooter and heads up the ramp, riding it like a horse of sorts. And because the Scooter Store wouldn’t sponsor WWE, Vince takes the scooter and shoves it off of the stage.

Back to the show, and we get a recap of the match between Del Rio and Khali. They blame Khali’s hard chop to the head of Del Rio as the cause of the concussion. Johnny Ace comes out and says that he found Sheamus’ opponent, and he’s not in a good mood.

Match 1: Tensai vs. Sheamus
Tensai pushes Sakamoto aside and makes his way straight towards the ring. The bell rings and they lock up. Tensai gets Sheamus backed up to the ropes, then is sent to the corner. They roll around a bit till Sheamusgets him in the corner. Tensai with a side headlock, gets sent to the ropes, and hits a shoulder, knocking Sheamus down. Sheamus with a side headlock of his own, gets sent to the ropes and tries for a shoulderblock, but to no avail. Tensai with a right, so Sheamus fires back, sending Tensai into the corner. Reverse whip and Sheamus hits a big boot then a clip to the knee. Elbow to th eback, but Tensai is up and hits a back elbow in the corner. Another right hand in the corner. Tensai hits a back elbow to the face of Sheamus. He lifts up Shemaus and hits a headbutt, then goes for a clothesline. Shemaus ducks and gets a couple of forearm hits, before clotheslining Tensai to the outside! Sheamus goes over with him.

We are back, and we’re really zoomed into the gut of Tensai. It’s covered in red, as apparently Sheamus is not pulling any punchees. Sheamus hits a few rights before Tensai hits a knee to Sheamus! Tensai whips Sheamusinto the corner then hits a splash into the corner. Tensaid on the second rope, and hits a big body splash and a pin for 1…2..NO! Tensai steps on the head of Sheamus and twists the left arm. Sheamus has a cut just above his nose and Sheamus hits some hard headbutts then a few blows to the gut, followed by the clubbing forearms to the back. Shoulder into the gut, kick to Tensai! Axe handle to the head and a pin for 1…2..NO!Sheamus sets up for White Noise, but Tensai hits some elbows to the head of Sheamus. Tensai struggles a bit, sending Sheamus to the outside, butSheamus is on the apron. He hits a shoulder then does the beat down on the chest thing, only with Tensai on the inside of the ring! Sheamus gets on the tope rope and dives for the battering ram off the corner! Tensai catches him, though, and hits a Baldo Bomb! Pin for 1…2….NO!!!! Whoa. Tensai with some headbutts on the floor to Sheamus. Both men up and he tries to whip Sheamus. Sheamus holds on tight, though, then gets hit with a kick. Sheamus hits the ropes just as Tensai does, too. Brogue Kick from out of nowhere! Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Winner: Sheamus (**1/2)
I can’t help but feel like we missed something very vital during the break. I can only imagine that the match in its entirety, without the break killing the momentum would have given me something much more to latch onto.

We’re backstage and Vince, Teddy and Johnny Ace are all there. Vince says that this match was Strike 1 for Ace. He then asks who should faceSheamus for the World Title? Ace is about to say who, but Vickie Guerrero comes in and says that she has two former World Championships on the roster in Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Vince says that Ace should consider this. Ace asks for Teddy’s opinion, which shocks the hell out of Teddy. Teddy then says that there are actually FOUR former World Champions on the roster in The Great Khali, Christian, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger and a Fatal Four Way with the winner getting the title shot would be a great idea. Ace says that was exactly what he was thinking and makes Teddy go get him some coffee. He puts his fist up for a bump from Vince, and Vince says he has small hands.

Back to RAW, and Tensai is in the ring beating up on Sakamoto. He’s got him by the hair, and he’s slapping him around a bit. A hard right sends the man down, then Tensai palms the face of homeboy, all the way screaming in Japanese. Tensai sends him to the outside. We’re on the outside, and Tensai presses Sakamoto’s head against the announce table. Tensai sends him back first into the ring post then back first into the barricade. Some thigh smashes to Sakamoto’s head seems like enough, before the refs spill out. Thanks for coming, Tensai.

We’re backstage and R-Truth is here with Matt Striker. Striker brings up the attack on him two weeks ago. He says he’s fine, diddle dandle, to be exact. He claims that Lil Jimmy was more traumatized than anyone else. He tells Lil Jimmy not to be sensative. Jimmy straightens up. Truth says that the truth is, this Sunday…The Big Show is going to lose to John Cena. When Cena steps inside the steel cage, Show is going to find out the—-


Big Show’s right hand enters the screen and knocks out Truth. haha. That probably shouldn’t have been as funny as I thought it was.

We get a recap of Santino’s match with Ricardo from three weeks ago. Apparently, this match was made by Johnny Ace, and before it even begins, I can see this as a fail of sorts…

Match 2: Santino Marella and Layla vs. Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Pheonix
Ricardo acts as if he doesn’t want this match at all. We’re starting with the ladies. Go behind by Layla into a side headlock. Beth looks for a backsuplex but Layla uses her momentum to stop it. Ricardo calls for a tag, but Layla kicks his hand. He comes inside just for Layla to use him to spring foreward, but Beth is able to drop her down and pin for 1….2..NO! Beth sets up for a suplex. Ricardo tags himself in. Beth hits the suplex. Ricardo realizes that if he is in the ring, Santino is as well, so he tags himself out again. Beth yells at him to stay outt of the ring. Layla hits a cross body from the second rope into a pin for 2. Faceplant from the champ, then Beth whips her to the ropes. Ricardo is in the ring for no reason, just as Layla hits a hurricanrana/side headlock takedown combo, sending Ricardo to the outside. Santino pulls out the cobra and hits it on the outside while Beth deflects a boot, kicks Layla’s leg on the rope, then hits the GLam Slam and pins for 1…2…3!
Winners: Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Phoenix (*)
The comedy aspect of the match made this all quite sloppy.

After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez cheers happily, rubbing it into the face of Santino. Santino grabs his shirt and rips it off, exposing a purple Justin Beiber shirt underneath it all. That joke isn’t two years too late or anything.

Backstage, David Otunga is kissing the ass of Vince. He wants McMahon to know that in his opinion, Ace is doing a great job. But, if he were to be fired, Otunga cannot think of a better replacement than a Harvard educated lawyer with a physique similar to Vince’s. Vince says he likes the way he puckers up, but he doesn’t like lawyers. lol. In comes Kofi and he’s looking for Ace. He wants Big Show, and he wants him tonight. Ace walks in and says fine, if he wants it, he’s got it. Tonight, Kofi vs Show in a Steel Cage.

The music of Daniel Bryan hits, and out comes the man who took a three letter word and made it AWESOME! Bryan’s got the mic. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane. Clearly, one of these superstars is not like the others. Haha. Bryan says that he is nothing like CM Punk and Kane. CM Punk andKane both have a weakness. A weakness in the form of a 95 pound distraction named AJ.

In Punk’s case, it’s all about jealousy. Bryan proved that he is a superior wrestler when he made him tap, and now he’s trying to make Bryan jealous by getting with AJ. Kane…well, Kane thinks it’s getting to second base when a woman looks him in the eyes and doesn’t vomit. Both Punk andKane are obsessed with a women who is still in love with Bryan. Bryan then, hilariously says, “Once you go Bryan, there’s no point in tryin.” Oh yeaaaah. Bryan says he is not interested in AJ, though. What he is interested in is the WWE Title. This week, Q&A session will be very short. This Sunday, will he be the new WWE Champion? YES! YES! YES!

Here’s Punk! He brings up the fact that Bryan talks about AJ an awful lot. The thing about AJ is that she’s actually pretty cool, and they have one thing in common. Outside the ring, she is waaaaay out of Bryan’s league. Inside the ring, Bryan’s not even close to being in Punk’s league. The other thing is that she is sort of crazy….and Punk happens to dig crazy chicks. There’s only one thing he digs more…his WWE Title. Over the past few months, they’ve traded wins and Kane has beat them both. But either way, Punk is walking out WWE Champion. Bryan then says No! No! No!, assuring a Yes! chant. Bryan wants to know what happened to Punk. Bryan used to respect him but he has changed. He calls Punk the voice of the voiceless, yet panders to everyone. There’s a reason why all of these people are voiceless; they have nothing intelligent to say. These people love to yell at Big Show about selling out, but the biggest sell out in this entire company iss Punk.

So says the superstar in the YES! YES! YES! t-shirt. Punk points to the stage and says almost a year ago, he’s spoke his mind and people tell him that they think his promo was one of the best of RAW. He kind of rolls his eyes, because most people that say that are people that didn’t like him beforehand. The only thing that has changed is…absolutely nothing. He’s the same guy he was. He achieved success at the highest level on his own terms. He hasn’t kissed anyone’s ass, but he can’t say the same about Bryan. They both shattered the glass cieling, but ever since then, Bryan has become self absorbed, insecure and obnoxious goat-faced morons. The crowd chants Goat Face. Whether you like it or not, Punk is going to give Bryan a wake up call when he puts him to sleep!

BOOM goes the dynamite, and Kane is here. He wants to remind them just who/what he is. He has electrocuted Shane’s balls, burnt JR’s back and tombstoned a priest. He says his pipe bombs are actual pipe bombs and this is why he will leave as the champion.

The wonderful voice of AJ is here. She wants the three of them to stop. She tells Kane that regardless of what he says, he looked into his eyes last week and he saw that deep down, in that tortured soul, Kane actually has a heart. Punk grins :”You gotta looooove crazy chicks.” Crazy Chick chant, now. As for Daniel, AJ says that they say you never truly get over your first love and she knows she hasn’t. Finally, Punk. AJ grins at him, as Punk waves. Her eyelashes are batting. “And Punk…you’re just pretty much the coolest guy I’ve ever known in my entire life.” Bryan wants to know what the hell her point is. She says that this Sunday, she knows the best man will win.

Johnny Ace is on the screen. He tells us that tonight we will get Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. CM Punk and AJ. Well alright, then.

We come back to Jerry Lawler ordering a pizza.

Match 3: Christian vs. The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger goes to Khali and gets chopped for his trouble. Same to Dolph. Khali sends Christian to the corner and chops him hard. He then goes after Dolph and is about to whip him, but chops him instead. Khali with a headbutt to Dolph. He sends Dolph into the corner and is about to chop, but here’s Swagger. He grabs Swagger by the hand and shoves him into Dolph a few times before taking him to the corner. Dolph attacks the leg but gets nothing. Khali chokes him up but Swagger clips the leg. Ziggler with a dropkick. Christian is up top and hits a frog splash. All three men cover, and it appears to be an elimination match up.

Khali Eliminated by All three Men

Back to the show, and Dolph hits Christian with a hard dropkick. Swaagger gets Christian into a bit of a wheelbarrow, and Dolph face plants him. Pin by Swagger and Chirstian kicks out. Christian is hanging up on the ropes and Vickie comes by to slap her hard. Swagger has Christian locked up from behind. Ziggler runs to hit but Christian bends down and lifts him over the ropes. Christian hits a hard clothesline, gets lifted by Swagger. He tries to roll Swagger up, but Christian hits him down, goes up top and hits a shoulder block off th escond rope. He calls for the Unprettier, but in comes Ziggler and rolls him up. HE’S GOT THE TIGHTS!! 1….2..NO!!!Christian drops Ziggler and here’s Swagger to attempt something, butChristian with the Unprettier. Blocked. Swagger sends Christian to the corner. Christian hops over with a sunset flip and a pin for 1…2..NO! Swagger with an ankle lock. He’s got it locked right in the cneter. Christianrolls forward, sending Swagger shoulder first into the corner. Christian is here, and he hits the Kill Switch!!! Before he can pin, Dolph Ziggler comes in and pins Jack Swagger!!!

Jack Swagger Eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

The crowd is chanting for Ziggler. Ziggler runs and Chirstian faceplants him! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!Dolph is up and he hits a dropkick. Pin for 2. Dolph is working the hell out of the already injured ankle. Christian is able to kick him away. He hits a right, another. He sends Dolph to the corner, but Dolph hops over him and locks in a sleeper! Christian gets out and hits a big right. Christian is calling for the Spear! He runs but stops mid way as the ankle gives out. He’s able to slingshot Dolph, though, then hits a spear!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Christian is calling for the Killswitch. Dolph ducks it and hits a leg drop! Pin for 1…2…NO!! Ziggler looks for the Zig Zag, but Christian with an inverted DDT. Christian is up top! He’s looking for the frog splash, but Ziggler runs up!! Christian knocks him down with a right. Vickie distracts. Dolph looks up and Christian hops over him, landing feet first, right on the ankle! Dolph with a Zig Zag!! Pin for 1….2….3!!!
Winner: Dolph Ziggler (***)
Great match. Probably should have had more time to make it a bit more significant.

Dolph says “About damned time” as he leaves the ring. He’s backing up the ramp, back first, and there’s Sheamus to greet him! They jib jab a bit as Dolph stares at the title, all smiles.

Backstage, Natalya is asking Vince if she could have the whole HART family over again. Vince says they’ll talk about it later. She says she’ll wait right here for it. Vince doesn’t look interested. He makes the walk, and here’s the Funkadactyls. They press their booty inhto Vince and want him to override the decision to ban Brodus from RAW. They both throw a lil fit, then say that they hear that Vince knows how to get funky….Vince then says “Somebody Call My Momma” the lights go out, and the two girls get down and dirty with ol man Vince. This goes on long enough for Vince to cross his arms, look at the screen, and run into…..Zack Ryder. McMahon gives him a WOO WOO WOO YOu Know It then walks off.

Cue the Goldberg chants.

Ryback vs. William Fillmore and Rutherford PS Hayes
J1 runs riight into a powerslam, make that two powerslams. J2 decides to leave the ring, sayin F that. He runs around, but Ryback makes it to the outside and clotheslines his ass down. Ryback picks him up and presses him over the ropes, back into the ring. Ryback is back in. He lifts both men. The crowd is loud with the Goldberg chants. He hits a double Samoan Drop like manuever then pins em both.
Winner: Ryback (NR)
The only thing different here was that one ran away. Losing interest…fast

Back to the show, and we’ve got Hornswoggle and Vince McMahonwatching the recap of his imitation of JR. Vince claims that he’s got some tips. He makes fun of JR’s face, then says Stone Cold a few times. Fucked up….lol. He sends Hornswoggle out and here’s John Cena. Cena tells Vince that the sooner Ace is out of the job, the better. Vince says that this is coming from someone that didn’t do too well at Mania. Cena says that now, Mania wins and losses are how we measure success? Vince lost to Hogan, his son, etc. McMahon wants to change the subject, and wants to know if Cena can stop Show. Cena says that this Sunday, he’s got Show. Cena brings up the words “You’re Fired” and tells McMahon to use em tonight.

In comes Otunga. Otunga says that he only practices law when he–McMahon cuts him off and tells him that no one likes anyone that would actually pucker up and kiss another man’s behind. He then says no offense to the man sitting on the couch, randomly; William Regal

Match 5: Steel Cage Match
Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show
Big Show makes his way in and Kofi is quick to attack. He hits right after right, but Show stops him with a blow to the back. Show sends Kofi face first into the cage. Big Show lifts up Kofi and bod slams his ass in the center of the ring. Big Show squishes Kofi’s face into the cage then pulls back and tosses him with one hand into the cage. Big Show steps on Kofi’s chest in the corner. Show sends Kofi back first into the cage, again. Kofi tries to fight back ,but Big Show lifts him up and sends him cross bodied into the cage once again. Big Show with a kick to Kofi. Another kick. He lifts upp Kofi and kicks him in the gut over and over again then yells at the crowd. Kofi tries to fight with some kicks, but Shoe just steps on him like a bug. Show whips Kofi into the corner then channels his inner 2pac and asks the crowd to Smile for him! He runs and is about to splash Kofi, but Kofi moves. A dropkick, then he is whiped into the cage, but Kofi spidermans that shit and latches on. He hops off then hits Trouble in Paradise and pins for 1…2..NO!! kofi runs for the door. He nearly makes it, but Show pulls him back. A kick to Show, and he tries to escape once again. Show pulls him back then hits him with a WMD. He taunts the crowd some more. Kofi is laid out, and the ref tries to wake him. King calls the match over, considering Kofi doesn’t move. Show then leaves the cage through the door.
Winner: The Big Show (*1/2)
Not every slaughter is fun to see. This was beyond boring, and it didn’t add anything new, as we already knew that The Big Show was a wrecking machine.

Match 6: Sin Cara vs. Curt Hawkins
Lockup to start, and Curt works the arm. Sin Cara hops out of it and grabs the wrist. Curt gets a wrirst lock of his own, and he uses the ropes to bounce off and hit an arm drag. Cara uses leverage to send Curt to the outside. Corkscrew plancha to the outside onto Curt. Sin Cara heads back in, but Curt pulls Sin Cara’s legs out from under him. He sends Sin back in and hits a boot to the face. Pin for 1. Curt goes for an abdominable stretch but Sin locks up the leg. We get a set up for the Electric Chair drop, but Sin Cara rolls him up and pins for 1…2..NO! Sin Cara hops off the ropes with a cross body, a drop kick, one more. He uses the ropes to assist in an arm drag, then stomps the hand. Kick to the chest then uses the ropes for another arm drag. Curt goes for his stalled power slam, but Sin Cara escapes, hits the ropes, and Hurricanrana into a faceplant for the pin and the win.
Winner: Sin Cara (*1/2)
Although it’s fun to watch Sin Cara, this seemed stilted as if Curt just couldn’t keep up.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is stretching. Here’s Vinnie Mac, wanting to wish him luck. Bryan questionsi it, considering McMahon’s history. McMahon wants to ask him a question though. He says that if Bryan were walking down the street with groceries or somethin, no one would mistake him as a former champ, you see? Bryan tells McMahon that he’s been fired once and he ended up proving him wrong, but they do have a lot in common. They are both self made success stories who defy expectations. McMahon says that he doesn’t think he’s ever finished ANYTHING in 18 seconds.

Before the next match, Heath Slater cuts an insignificant promo, claiming it’s Time…Slater Time. Someone disagrees, though, claiming he’s got the time all wrong because….it’s VADER TIME!!!

Match 7: Heath Slater vs. Vader
Lockup, but Vader breaks it. One more, and he sends Heath to the corner. LETS GO VADER chant. Lockup, again, and Vader sends Heath to the corner. Heath tries to fight back, and runs into a hard right. Vader calls his spot extremely loud, lol. Another clothesline. He hits a clothesline to Heath as the crowd tells Vader he’s still got it. Elbow drop from Vader. He hits a suplex, then rolls over into a pin for 1….2..NO!! Heath fights back hard with some rights, then lifts up Vader, but Vader uses his weight and gets a pin for 2. Belly to belly suplex as the crowd asks for a VADER BOMB. He hits it! Pin for 1…2…3!!
Winner: Vader (*1/2)
Cole called this a return. Welcome back, I suppose. haha. This was fun.

Backstage, AJ is freaking out. CM Punk says that this is just Ace trying to get at Punk, so he is not going to let anything happen to AJ. He says all they have going for them is that they work together. AJ says, AND we really, really like each other. Punk tells her not to do anything crazy, and they’re going to be fine. She says ok, then my TV goes black. I probably missed nothing important, though.

Match 8: CM Punk and AJ vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane
Punk and Kane to start. Kane with a right. He sends Punk to t he corner, but Punk escapes and hits a running knee. He tries for a bulldog, but Kanehits a big boot. Bryan tags himself in and starts kicking Punk down, with some Yes! chants to boot. Bryan with a chin lock from behind. Punk and Bryand hit the ropes and Punk comes back with a heel kick, then a swinging neck breaker. Running high knee from Punk into a powerslam from Punk and a pin for 1…2..NO! Punk goes up top. He’s trying to end this one fast, it appears. He’s looking for the elbow. He flies and misses as Bryan rolls out of the way. Tag to Kane. Punk reaches to tag then remembers who his partner is. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Punk fights out. Kanegoes for the tombstone, but Punk floats over and Kane backs him into the Face corner. The ref calls this a tag, and Aj is in. Punk rolls ou of the ring and Aj walks in hesitantly. She gets close to Kane, then smiles. God, what a smile…

She backs away from him, then starts skipping around Kane. lol. oooookkaaaayyy. She skips behind him. He turns around and stares, then she hops atop him and locks her legs, arms and….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She starts a heavy makeout session as the crowd chants YES! Kane pretty much no-sells it until she’s done. Punk watches on from the corner as AJ dismounts. She’s all smiles as Kanebacks into the corner and tags in Daniel Bryan. AJ is confused as Bryan walks in. He runs towards AJ and she tags Punk in. Punk hits an elbow from the outside, then a high kick. He calls for the elbow, again, and hits it. Pin to Bryan. 1….2….3!!!
Winner: CM Punk (**)
I don’t really understand how Punk can win with what is typically a transitional move. Not sure that was the right thing to do, but whatever.

AJ sits in the middle of the ring, cross-legged ala CM Punk. She’s all smiles as Punk looks on. Kane is at the top of the ramp, confused as ever. Bryan is, too. This is weird, and I’m upset. This is either one of the smarter stories that the WWE has been able to tell, or it’s going to crash and burn.

McMahon is here with a bunch of bodyguards. He says he’s always had a warm spot for Connecticut. He mentions that he lives there and his daughter was born there. He then says it’s poetic, then, to see a life end here. He introduces Ace, and here’s the music of the people. He comes down with the crutch as they replay McMahon tossing the scooter off the stage like it was Stone Cold filling a Corvette with cement…it’s not. Ace says that first of all, he doesn’t appreciate what McMahon did for his scooter. He then says that he doesn’t need all the security, he’d never think of laying his hands on him. McMahon claims that security isn’t for him, it’s for Johnny. These fine gentlemen are going to walk a certain someone right out of this ring, this arena and his business. Ace claims that his actions tonight speak for themselves. He wants to look at what he’s done since becoming in charge. He is needed if the WWE is going to be successful, especially with RAW hitting three hours soon. He tells Vince to do the right thing by allowing Ace to stay in charge.

McMahon brings up the words “people power” calling them synonymous with Ace. He’s got two words as well….John Laurinaitis…..

WELLLL IT’s The Big Show! Show is here to interrupt. Show understands that Ace is giving a job review. True, he has amde a few mistakes, but the one thing he did right was that he gave Show a contract that allows him to say or do anything he wants to. He realizes that Vince could fire him. But if he fired him, he would have to pay Show millions of dollars per year, for many years to do absolutely nothing (how is that any different from the past 14 years?). Show tells Vince not to get mad at Ace, it’s not his fault. They both know whose fault it is. Every stupid costume, movie, tv commercial, appearance, sportscenter with Shaq, Floyd. What’s the one thing that all that has in common? Vince. He did everything that Vince asked him to do. McMahon wouldn’t let him be a giant because giants are scary. He was told to smile more, to make friends. But with Show’s new contract, he no longer has to be part of Vince’s dog and pony show. He finally gets to be what he really is…a giant. So don’t worry about firing Ace, he should be more concerned about John Cena. This gets a Cena chant going.Vince should be worried about his golden goose, because Show is going to pluck his feathers come No Way Out. At No Way Out, he’s going to prove that

John Cena has had enough! Oh, Happy Cena is here today. Yay. He is here on official business. He is going to get to the bottom of this all. First, Show blamed Cena, then blamed the fans. Now he’s blaming McMahon, who is next, McDonald’s for putting Chicken Nuggets on sale? There’s that golden humor. He says that the only person who is guilty of all this is Johnny Ace. Since he’s signed Show to the lucrative contract, all we’ve heard is Big Show complaining. But now, he can finally be “a giant.” Cena has qualms with this, apparently. He looks Show up and down then points out that Show has always been a giant. Cena figured out what make this all different. Everything revolves around The Big Show. Big Show got the contract he wanted, great. He’s got management behind him, perfect. He’s got the match and the opponent he wants. Look around, there’s not one person that paints Cena as the favorite because Show has put himself in a match that he should win. According to Show, he’s going to beat Cena so badly that he can’t come back from it. But what happens if he doesn’t beat Cena? If Show doesn’t beat Cena at No Way Out, there’s no more excuses. If he doesn’t destroy Cena, there’s nobody left to blame. If this doesn’t happen, then everyone will look at him as the world’s largest disappointment. And with that contract, Show will have to show up every week and be called for what he is…a Sell Out. So what happens then, Show.

Vince cuts this all off and says that this Sunday, Vince McMahon will be at ringside. And if Show is the disappointment that he thinks he’s going to be, McMahon will say those famous two words to Johnny Ace.

Big Show then goes to choke Cena. The guards break the two up, then Cena gets loose and atacks Show. Show tries to swing to Cena, but Vince is right here and Show hits Vince McMahon with one of the weakest rights I’ve ever seen him throw….ever. Ace calls for Show to leave the ring, and he does. Cena plays worried employee as a stagehand throws up the X, and we end the show.