Online MMA Training

Online MMA Training

Online MMA Training

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Comprehensive MMA Instruction
On Your Computer or Smartphone

From: Coaches Brian Yamaskaki & Brandon Kiser

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to start your own training program, or perhaps start an MMA training club with friends?

The Damage Control MMA online academy has all of the instruction you need.

In addition to a library of around 300 technique videos with more added weekly, members also have direct access to instructors to request specific techniques or upload fight/training videos for helpful feedback.

Check out this sample video for detailed instruction on how to finish an opponent with the Anaconda Throw “Quick Kill”.

Fighters, Instructors, & Students Love Our Training

“Very comprehensive breakdown of Muay Thai techniques, physiology, & kinesiology of the combinations.”
– Renzo Gracie Academy

“Damage Control MMA online courses are worth it. I thought I knew everything, and these guys totally turned my world upside-down. All the little details stepped my game up two or three hundred percent.”
– Jake “The Snake” Paul
(3x Gladiator Challenge Champ)

“I learn something every time I come here.”
– Brandon “The Murderer” Melendez
(The Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist)

“I’ve been trained by the best in the world, but coaches Brian & Brandon always have new insights into the fight game to teach me.”
– Cade “Sakit” Anderson
(Coached Randy Couture)

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The Absolute Best Value
In MMA Training

No matter how much you love MMA, it can be difficult to find the time or money to train as hard as you want.

  • Gyms have limited hours or might be too far away
  • Seminars & private lessons can be expensive
  • Books & DVD can’t give you feedback to your questions

But now you can have 24/7 access to unlimited training for a fraction of the cost of an MMA gym membership.

Learn fresh new techniques, theory, & strategy
while developing maximum strength & fitness

We are coaches Brian Yamasaki & Brandon Kiser, professional MMA instructors for over 10 years, and we’re excited that you’re taking a huge step in developing your MMA training.

You may recognize us from dozens of televised appearances on various TV stations around the world.

Or perhaps from our popular training videos on YouTube that have received over two million views.

We’ve trained for many years, and continue to train with the world’s best instructors in fighting arts such as:

  • Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Combat Submission Wrestling
  • Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling
  • Muay Thai
  • Mixed Martial Arts

Together we’ve coached and cornered fighters at all levels. From local amateur events to huge promotions like BodogUFC, and IFL.

We’ve shared a lot of good information, but have saved our most treasured techniques for our loyal private students.

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If Your Training Partners Don’t Beg You
To Explain How You’re Beating Them,
We’ll Give Your Money Back.

For the first time ever, we’re making it easy for anyone to learn MMA with access to our vast library of fighting technique videos, with new ones added every week.

You would probably spend more on gas each month driving back and forth to an MMA gym, than our low monthly fee.

And with our discounted annual subscription, you can get 12 months of training for less than the cost of 1 month’s tuition at many gyms.

Instant victory with 4 different quick-kill takedowns that go directly to submissions.

Brutal locks that make them tap in pain even when you’re in the most vulnerable position.

Master octagon control with our essential footwork drills.

Drastically reduce your risk of getting KOed with 3 critical tips.

Destroy “technique inbreeding” by introducing new moves to your training partners.

Learn how to improvise new, unseen chokes through a method proven to win cage fights.

Be unmountable with 9 different Houdini escapes to handle any energy thrown at you.

This is a small sample of our vast library of techniques.

We invested hundreds of hours and spared no expense in creating a structured series of videos that will teach you all aspects of MMA, including many techniques that only the most advanced pro fighters use.

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You can expect to pay between $80 to $150 a month for an MMA gym membership. You get 24/7 access for only $19.95 $9.95 a month.

Try It Risk Free For 60 Days

Sign up today and get your membership for only $9.95/month. That’s a 50% SAVINGS off the regular price that many of our members are currently paying. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back.

If at anytime you no longer wish to continue, you can easily unsubscribe with no further obligation, and the free bonuses are yours to keep.

WARNING: The techniques taught in our program can be extremely dangerous. Please use caution and take care of your training partner. By signing up, you agree that you will use the training info solely at your own risk and that Damage Control MMA and their affiliates bear no liability. Consult a doctor before starting any training program.

Thank you,

P.S. We fully stand behind our product. With our money back guarantee there is zero risk to you.

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