How To Become A Pro Wrestler

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Discover How To Become A Professional Wrestler From Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions

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Dear Wrestling Fan,

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a professional wrestler?!?

Have you ever dreamed about your possible wrestling persona, entrance music, and outfit?  You possibly even have thought about your catchphrase or finishing move.

If so, then chances are you have spent time online looking up information about wrestling.  Maybe you even got the number of your local wrestling school.  And maybe you even have gone to a local pro wrestling event and tried to talk with the wrestlers after the show.

As a wrestling fan, you even might have watched the “shoot videos” of wrestlers talking about the politics of the business and the long hours spent on the road.

If so, then great!  You are showing the initiative you need to become a pro wrestler.

Odds are that you would love to sit down with an accomplished professional wrestler. You would want pick his brains over dinner about what next steps you should take to enter the pro wrestling business.


… you probably are not sure how to meet any heavyweight champion or world tag team champion wrestlers and ask them about how you can join the wrestling industry and the realities of the business.

Well, now you don’t have to wait anymore!

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Different Ways Of Becoming A Pro Wrestler

Image of Become a TNA Wrestler - RVD StasiakMy name is Shawn Stasiak, and I wrestled for the WWF, WCW, and WWE as well as several independent pro wrestling promotions.

I have wrestled in small gyms, rodeo arenas, mid-sized arenas, around the world and live on pay-per-views in front of huge audiences.  I have wrestled throughout the United States and in several countries.

I also grew up watching my father Stan “The Man” Stasiak wrestle most of the best wrestlers of his era.  When I was a kid I had the chance to meet (or have my dad tell me stories about) Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, Terry Funk, The Sheik, “Superstar” Billy Graham and other wrestling legends.

One thing is certain, the pro wrestling business has dozens of unique stories about how people got involved in the industry!

Every time I meet fans I always keep getting asked the same question by young men and women everywhere:  “How do I become a WWE wrestler?” or “How do I become a TNA wrestler?”

There is no easy answer, since many people have broken into the business in dozens of ways.  Wrestling fans can break into the business as wrestlers, announcers, managers, valets, referees, being a part of the ring crew, and event promotion.

What most of these people fail to do is ask a MUCH more important question..

“How do I join the pro wrestling business AND how can I stay in it for many years?”

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Discover What Veterans With Nearly 180 Years Combined Experience Can Share With You About Becoming A Professional Wrestler

Instead of just telling my story about joining the business, which is unique even among most professional wrestlers, I always pointed those I met to talk with my friends in the business about what it takes to become successful in pro wrestling.

Chances are that you would love to pick the brains of wrestlers who have held virtually every worthwhile championship belt in the industry, entertained millions of fans, and have advice which actually is helpful to your goals!  You probably even would enjoy meeting a famous pro wrestling manager or referee in order to learn what it takes to join the industry.

So I asked my friends in the business if they were willing to do something unique.  Based on over 180 years of combined pro wrestling industry experience, they are giving their advice to the next generation of aspiring pro wrestlers about what it will take to become successful.

Much of the advice is difficult to attain. But these wrestling veterans are respected AND willing to share their advice with you!

In order to help you, the wrestling fan and aspiring pro wrestler, I prevented wasting your time by not allowing the interviews becoming stories about our times on the road together.  So I had my friend Matt interview my friends to ensure that the interviews stay on track and offer you great benefit.

Every interview will help you learn from these wrestling stars about what it takes to become a pro wrestler AND have a long career in the business.

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Sample Clips From Inside These Wrestling Interviews

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The Pro Wrestlers Who Will Give You Their Advice

I wanted you to have a mixture of pro wrestling stars who can offer you advice which covers much of the industry.

You will get never-before-revealed interviews with wrestlers who have main evented pay-per-views and won heavyweight championships, those who were tag team champions, those who wrestled all over the world, and those who train up-and-coming wrestlers.

Note that these are NOT “shoot interviews”!   They are the authentic, “real deal” conversations from the veterans whom you would love to have as a pro wrestling industry mentor.

You are just minutes away from learning about how to become a pro wrestler, or otherwise join the industry, from:

  • Rob Van Dam
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Tommy Dreamer
  • Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
  • Charlie Haas
  • “Big Vito” LoGrasso
  • “Cowboy” Johnny Mantell
  • Shawn Stasiak
  • Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso

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The Same Advice Given To Their Best Friends Whose Family Members Want To Become Professional Wrestlers

You, the fan and aspiring pro wrestler, deserve to get no-holds-barred information.  So I asked my friends to give the very same advice that they would give their best friend’s brother, sister, or kid if that family member ever decided to enter the wrestling business.

You will get their opinions on the following topics:

  • How to choose a good wrestling school, even if it is not near where you live, so that you learn to execute moves properly AND have a chance of being trained by someone with connections which can help you get exposure
  • How to survive financially during your first years of learning the business of pro wrestling so that you do not have to give up your dream of wrestling on pay per view
  • How to stay healthy and reduce injuries, especially when on the road, so that you can stay in the business for a long time
  • Opinions on surviving the politics of the pro wrestling business so that you can have a successful career
  • What to expect when you are first going to a new promotion so that you know how to conduct yourself properly and increase the chances of appearing in the main event
  • How to know when to stay with a promotion or move onto another one so that you can increase the chances of making good money in both the short term as well as the long term
  • How to deal with friends and family once you become a pro wrestler so that you either develop a strong support network or at least don’t have them keep you from reaching your dreams
  • What to expect the first time you appear on television so that you don’t embarrass yourself, your trainers, and the promotion
  • How to stay in shape while on the road in order to reduce the chances of getting hurt and another wrestler taking your spot because you are hurt
  • Opinions on how to balance using the internet and not using it at all when developing a fan base so that you can “draw money” by bringing fans into arenas whenever you wrestle
  • What these wrestlers believe will be helpful to you in order to be marketable in the future and have a long career
  • What veteran wrestlers respect when a relatively new wrestler has the opportunity to get in the ring with them so that they may one day recommend you to other promoters and bookers
  • What it will be like the first time you make it to TNA, WWE, or another major promotion
  • How to break into the business as a referee, manager, time keeper, or another role so that you can be a part of the wrestling industry even if you do not actually wrestle
  • Whether or not to sell merchandise during intermission as a young wrestler
  • How to be marketable to the promoter and/or booker so that you can earn more money over time
  • How to become better at promos and interview segments so fans will begin to have high emotion and pay attention whenever you talk on camera or in front of a live audience
  • How to do the “little things” behind the scenes to keep the bosses impressed and prove that you are a true professional
  • What it is like to become a successful pro wrestler who wears a mask
  • What to expect if you get the invitation to wrestle internationally so that you expand the number of potential places where you can work
  • What the big promotion’s talent scouts first look for when a wrestler sends in his or her matches to be critiqued
  • Suggestions on how to stand out and develop the “It Factor” sought by the major wrestling promotions so that the promoters have a reason to hire you
  • How to transition mentally from being a singles wrestler to a successful tag team wrestler in order to give you more chances to be booked, appear higher on the card, and increase your earnings
  • How to transition mentally from a successful name (or gimmick) to a new one if you switch promotions so that you can prolong your wrestling career
  • How to build the skills to do interviews on live television versus taped TV
  • What skills to develop outside of the ring in order to keep you marketable for years
  • Many other topics which tend to NOT get addressed, even in reputable professional wrestling schools!

Image of Shawn Stasiak Holding The Robe of Stan The Man Stasiak

Get Never-Before-Revealed Interviews About Becoming A Pro Wrestler

These are not “re-hashed” interviews which you have heard everywhere else!

Each interview was structured specifically to help aspiring pro wrestlers shorten their learning curves should you decide to join the business.  They will help you have a respect for the business; AND the advice you are about to get will help you prevent making some of the mistakes which have forced previous aspiring wrestlers out of the business.

These interviews were designed give you the best odds of succeeding in the wrestling business provided that you get trained properly at a legitimate wrestling school. What these interviews do, however, is change the game for aspiring pro wrestlers.

Instead of being given just the traditional advice of “get in shape, go to a professional wrestling school, and begin your career,” this information helps you because…

… It is the information you need BEFORE you go to a respected professional wrestling training school!

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Get The Advice You Need BEFORE Going To A Professional Wrestling School For Less Than The Price Of Dinner

If you are curious about becoming a pro wrestler then you would jump at the chance to talk with any of these wrestlers over dinner.  Now you can get the EXACT advice they would give you over dinner, for less than what a good meal would cost both of you! You can get all of these interviews (roughly 8 hours worth) for just $17.

Since there is no physical product to ship, you can download the MP3 audio files in just minutes from now.  That way you can begin right away to get the competitive edges you need just by listening to the wisdom from nearly 180 years of combined professional wrestling experience.

Thank you for getting these interviews.  You are taking the first step you need BEFORE entering the wrestling business because you will learn the right attitude and information.

Even if you never step foot in a pro wrestling ring then at least you will have a much greater respect for what the workers do in order to make a living in this business, and…

… you will be a much wiser fan who can help other fans increase their passion for the sport of professional wrestling!

Enjoy what you learn and hopefully you will use the information to become a professional wrestler and a champion in the future!

Thank you,

Shawn Stasiak

P.S.  Remember that you can play the audio files on your computer, iPod, mobile phone, or other MP3 player.  You will get roughly 8 hours of helpful information specifically addressing what it takes to become a professional wrestler and have a successful career for as many years as possible.