Submissions 101 -237 Jiu Jitsu Videos

Submissions 101 -237 Jiu Jitsu Videos

Submissions 101 – 237 Jiu Jitsu Videos

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Add These Devastatingly Effective Jiu Jitsu and Self Defence Moves To Your Arsenal…”Over 237 Videos Laid Out In Painstaking Detail To Elevate Your Game On TheMat, In The Octagon Or On The Street…”


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“A Lifetime Membership For One Single Payment…You will Never Pay Again!”EXCLUSIVE JIU JITSU VIDEOS YOU CAN TAKE ANYWHERE…”Submissions 101 Presents…””237 Instructional Jiu Jitsu Videos For Your IPhone, Blackberry, Your Computer Or Any MP4 Compatible Device Beginners To Advanced Training -New Videos Added Every Month…”


Now you can take our high quality instructional Jiu Jitsu videos and load them up on whatever MP4 compatible device you own. We have converted all of our instructional Jiu Jitsu videos into a format which delivers crystal clear images to improve your experience.

Whether you are just learning Jiu Jitsu or you want to improve your game on the mat, in the octagon, or on the street…these videos cover it ALL in amazing easy to follow detail.

If you are a wrestler, grappler, striker or any other category of Mixed Martial Arts practitioner looking to improve your Jiu Jitsu skills, there is no better and more complete resource than what you see here.

Perhaps You simply want to know a couple of key moves to protect yourself on the street from would be assailants…it is all there for you to absorb and take with you to mentally prepare yourself.

You have seen our videos on Submissions 101 and we continue to give members hours upon hours of Instruction… and we are happy to do it.

Being a skilled Jiu Jitsu Player is what will really make the difference whether you are on the mat or in the Octagon…so we decided for those who really want to improve we were going to give you special access to our videos…Including Videos we haven’t released which will be EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS! We have categorized all of the various videos by position.

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When you are training in Jiu Jitsu is important to be very fluid and understand the individual components of each move you will use when you are rolling on the mat or in an MMA battle. One of the most effective ways to do this is through repetition…both Mental and Physical. So when you are not actually on the mat you can watch the videos to rehearse the moves in your mind as well.

The same is true when you face a critical incident in the street. Repetition and stress inoculation leads to success. Science has proven time and time again mental preparation will lead to a far greater potential for a successful outcome.

Your brain does not care if you are on the mat or sitting at your desk. Watching Videos from Submissions 101 Direct will tell your brain you are right there…taking in all the vital information to improve your Jiu Jitsu so at the critical moment you can respond intuitively as though you had done it a thousand times.

“Our Videos Will Help You Prepare Mentally And Physically…”

This is a shocking 2GB of Skill Developing Videos we have personally prepared, edited, compressed and made available for you in MP4 format. Now I know you don’t care about what it took to get these videos ready for you, just the fact they are ready for you to put on your iPod, Blackberry, Smart Phone or any other electronic device which plays MP4’s.

These videos represent hours upon hours upon hours of shooting video and editing…no to mention the years of training it takes to achieve the skills required to provide quality instruction…but you guys know us for giving hours upon hours of free content and over delivering on all our products.

We have been told many times the amount of information we give away is ridiculous but Jiu Jitsu has been good to us and we are passionate about making this information available to everyone. So instead of the $97 recommended price for these Jiu Jitsu training videos you are getting special access to this…

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These Videos will be available immediately and are delivered in electronic format. ClickBank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. You will be directed to our page where you can download all of the videos

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