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Yokozuna Harumafuji to retire from Sumo following his assault on a fellow wrestler

One of the biggest stars of sumo wrestling is to announce his retirement on Wednesday, following allegations that he assaulted a fellow wrestler, as the reputation of Japan’s ancient sport is mired in yet another scandal. Harumafuji, one of four reigning grand champions – or yokozuna – has told sumo authorities of his intention to quit, according to local media reports, weeks after he allegedly attacked a younger wrestler, leaving him with a fractured skull and concussion. The dramatic manner of the Mongolian wrestler’s exit from sumo at the pinnacle of his career comes as the sport was beginning to regain its popular appeal after a...

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Do rikishi who come from the college ranks ever shine in the top ranks?

Wrestlers who come from the college ranks stand out in the ring these days because of their unique characteristics. Japanese rikishi who have graduated from university account for 15 of 42 wrestlers in the uppermost makuuchi division and 7 of 28 in the second-tier juryo division, according to the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament banzuke ranking announced on May 1. In the new banzuke, Mitakeumi, out of Toyo University, was ranked the highest among university graduates as the komusubi on the east side, followed by Nippon Sport Science University graduate Yoshikaze, who returned to the komusubi rank on the west...

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Sumo, pro wrestling and MMA star, Akebono Tarō, placed in medically induced coma following match

Alarming news has many people worried after finding out that Akebono was recently placed into a medically induced coma in Japan. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the 47-year-old combat sports star became ill and was admitted to the hospital after doing a show for the wrestling promotion DDT in Fukuoaka, south Japan. The report states that Akebono is expected to be in the hospital for at least 10 days. The type of illness was not made clear in the report and it is unknown if it was caused by the DDT show appearance. Akebono Tarō, born in Hawaii...

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Sumo icon, Mitsugu “Chiyonofuji” Akimoto, passes away at 61 following battle with pancreatic cancer

Former yokozuna and 31-time champion Chiyonofuji died Sunday in Tokyo due to pancreatic cancer, a sumo source said. He was 61. Chiyonofuji, whose real name was Mitsugu Akimoto, was the first sumo wrestler to receive the People’s Honor Award in 1989 and ranks third in championships won behind Hakuho (37) and Taiho (32). The lean, muscular Hokkaido native, who was nicknamed “Wolf”, Chiyonofuji was promoted to the sumo’s highest rank of yokozuna after the Nagoya tournament of 1981, when he won his second championship in his third tourney as ozeki, the sport’s second highest rank. Chiyonofuji won 53 straight...

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