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Artemus Dolgin planning to bring back Golden Era aesthetics with new Bodybuilding Show

Everyone knows Artemus Dolgin. Perhaps a few of you love the guy where another contingent may hate his guts. Nevertheless, the guy has always stuck to his guns about what his goals and aspirations are in the sport. Artemus Dolgin isn’t in bodybuilding to transform himself into a mass monster. Rather, Dolgin is looking to make his market in a very specific market. Classic Physique. Some people are of the opinion that classic Physique will become the new standard for major bodybuilding. While that may be a bit of a stretch, it is indeed gaining traction and popularity. But...

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2017 Arnold South Africa Champion, Lukas Osladi brings a new definition to vascularity

2017 Arnold South Africa Champion Lukas Osladil took to social media, revealing some very impressive vascular gains. (Images range from January.) Check for yourself… Lukas Osladil – 2011, Venice Beach. By Bill Comstock. #bodybuilding #muscleinspiration #fitness #instagrambodybuilding #muscleinspiration #posing #flex #ripped #veins #ifbb #ifbbpro #shredded #mensphysique #mens #power #arms #goldsgymvenice #muscle A post shared by Lukas Osladil (@osladillukas) on Feb 23, 2017 at 12:03pm PST Lukas Osladil- my veiny arm in Venice, 2011. By Bill Comstock.#bodybuilding #fitness #instagrambodybuilding #mrolympia #goldsgymvenice #generationiron #athlete #rxmuscle #ifbbpro #ifbb #flex #motivation #aesthetics #power #ripped #muscleinspiration #training #gym A post shared by Lukas Osladil...

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Video: Cedric McMillan opens up following his monumental win at the 2017 Arnold Classic

An emotional Cedric McMillan opens up to Dave Palumbo and RXMuscle following his monumental win at the 2017 Arnold Classic. McMillan, who placed 4th in 2015, was the post-show talk of the weekend as Arnold Schwarzenegger infamously stated that he was “pi**ed” that Cedric finished in 4th place and not better. He would follow it up with a tightly contested runner-up finish to Kai Greene in the 2016 edition. Watch as McMillan opens up about what this win means to him, for the sport of bodybuilding, and whether he thinks he can beat Phil...

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